Roxy Ann is named for pioneer woman

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    Where did the name Roxy Ann Peak come from?

    ' Alicia E., Medford

    That big chunk of sticky clay visible from much of the Rogue Valley but most prominent in Medford got its name from Roxy Ann Bowen, the wife of John Bowen.

    According to research by Jeff LaLande cited in Oregon Geographic Names by Lewis A. and Lewis L. McArthur, the Bowens settled near the base of the peak in the 1850s.

    And the way it works generally is, if you own it, you name it. If the name sticks, it sticks. Like the clay on its slopes, it stuck.
    — One claim is made that it's named after Roxana Baker, but she came long after Roxy Ann Bowen, the McArthurs report.

    It was, however, once known as Skinner Butte, probably after A.A. Skinner, an early resident who served the region as an Indian agent from 1851-1853.

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