Republican commissioner endorses Democrat Scroggin for a seat on board

    Republican Jackson County Commissioner Don Skundrick has taken the unusual step of endorsing Democrat Jeff Scroggin for county commissioner over Republican Doug Breidenthal.

    "In my opinion, I am recommending a person who would do a better job," Skundrick said.

    The decision to endorse Scroggin likely won't sit well with other Republican leaders, Skundrick said. Breidenthal was chairman of the Jackson County Republican Central Committee.

    "There may be some political fallout," he said.

    Scroggin and Breidenthal are running for the commissioner seat currently held by Commissioner C.W. Smith, who isn't running again.

    Both Smith and Commissioner John Rachor have decided not to endorse Breidenthal. Instead, they say they will remain neutral.

    Skundrick said Scroggin and Breidenthal have remarkably similar positions on economic growth, timber resources, fiscal responsibility, and job creation. Skundrick said he had lengthy conversations with both men in his office, assessing their positions and determining how well they would work for the county.

    Ultimately, he said he determined Scroggin is an independent thinker and problem solver who will work for all the citizens of the county.

    Skundrick said he likes Scroggin's energy and intelligence, saying he would be a better fit on the commission.

    Breidenthal said he was somewhat surprised by Skundrick's endorsement of his opponent.

    "He's his own man," he said. "If that's where he wants to go, then that's fine."

    — Damian Mann

    Read more in the Mail Tribune Friday.

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