Photograph fun with marshmallow Peeps

    Photograph fun with marshmallow Peeps

    Southern Oregon peeps, listen up!

    Spring is here, and so are those ubiquitous neon marshmallow confections shaped like chicks and rabbits and other farmyard animals.

    Some people apparently eat Peeps, but we think they're best enjoyed from a distance, as the silent players in a seasonal, and very colorful, pageant.

    Here's where you come in: We want to see what you can create using Peeps for a Peeps in Southern Oregon gallery at

    You can use the marshmallow creations to create sculptures or dioramas or whatever form of art you enjoy. (We had a lot of fun creating the Photoshop illustration above.) You can pose them near a Rogue Valley icon, at your favorite park or with you at yoga class.

    Whatever you do, snap a photo and send it to us as a .jpg image at this address:"INTERACT04".

    When you do, we'll share it with the rest of the world, provided it's appropriate for publication in a family newspaper, of course. The deadline to take part is Friday, April 2.

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