Richard Jarel's 'Not in Kansas Anymore' will be remembered as the smudge pot that was turned into a motorized, extraterrestrial research landing vehicle. - Mail Tribune / Jim Craven

Smudge Pot Pourri

Three smudge pots embellished by local artists were chosen as winners of Medford's 2007 Art in Bloom festival's Smudge Pot Pourri.

A collection of 26 pots were featured at the festival this year.

Voters turned out in record numbers this year, and the Smudge Pot Crew at the Rogue Gallery and Art Center announces that Richard Jarel's "Not in Kansas Anymore" received the People's Choice Award.

Placing second was Bear Creek Corporation's "Down by the Old Mill Stream," by Brian Raymond. Bill Coleman's "Sinderella" took the third place.

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