'Fog Creeps In,' pastel

Sherill Brumbach

Painting is a winter pastime for Grants Pass artist Sherrill Brumbach. Summer is for gardening, she says.

While there is a lot to be said for plein air painting, Brumbach says she prefers to paint at leisure from the comfort and warmth of her studio. She doesn't have to be in the elements to appreciate them.

Brumbach works closely from photographs and sometimes scenic calendars. Her landscapes tend to be small, typically either 12 by 6 or 12 by 9 inches. While her average landscape takes only about four to six hours to complete, she spends closer to 20 hours on portraits.

Brumbach employs both pastels and watercolors in her works, using the media both separately and together. And while she aims at being more impressionistic and loosening up her brush strokes, she acknowledges that, overall, her paintings are realistic.

Brumbach's works are permanently on display at Art & Soul Gallery in Ashland. To find out more, email jimnsherrill@yahoo.com.

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