Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass

Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass

Three abstract, watercolor paintings by Phoenix artist Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass are featured in the Watercolor Society of Oregon's debut Watercolor Masters Invitational. The exhibit will show through March 24 at the First Presbyterian Church in Portland.

Hoffman-Snodgrass is a member of Art & Soul Gallery in Ashland and Art Presence in Jacksonville. Most of her works combine watercolor with acrylic, gouache and crayon.

For many years, Hoffman-Snodgrass painted very realistic works, but after she won the prestigious Bradley C. Barnard Award at the Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolors, she began to paint abstracts.

"Rather than dictate things that a person saw, I wanted to move into abstraction and allow the imagination of the viewer to go into the painting to play," she says.

It took Hoffman-Snodgrass seven years to feel confident enough to display her abstract works in public venues. Both her abstract and realistic pieces are displayed at Art & Soul Gallery, 247 E. Main St., Ashland.

— Teresa Thomas

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