More than 20 members of Artists’ Workshop will show work at the annual exhibit. “Jacksonville Trails” (above) and other pastel paintings by Jacksonville artist Steve Bennett will be featured, along with watercolor paintings by Marjory Foster of Ashland, such as “Beekman House” (right).

Artists' Workshop's 25th annual exhibit

The artistic spirit of the painters who belong to Artists' Workshop can be seen in the regional landscapes that they capture on canvas and paper. The artists' group has been painting together for more than 25 years, meeting at different outdoor locations since 1979.

"Landscapes, old buildings, running water in Lithia Park, there's all kinds of things to paint around here," says Elaine Witteveen, a watercolor artist and the group's founder.

Witteveen began going out to paint scenes in the Rogue Valley when she first moved to the area from Eugene.

"It was getting kind of lonesome, and I thought that other artists might like to join me," Witteveen says. "After we had a few members, we went to the Rogue Gallery in Medford and asked them to sponsor us."

With the gallery's help, Artists' Workshop collected more members and had an indoor space to meetw. After funding for the group ran out, Witteveen and the others took it on themselves to keep the Artists' Workshop going.

"We learned as we went along," Witteveen says. "It's a big job putting on an annual show."

Artists' Workshop's 25th annual exhibit will be displayed through Wednesday, Sept. 2, on the second floor of the historic U.S. Hotel Ballroom, 123 E. California St., Jacksonville. Exhibit hours will be 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. A reception for the show will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 29, with a talk by Jacksonville Mayor Bruce Garrett.

Of the 41 members of Artists' Workshop, 23 will be showing watercolor, acrylic, pastel and oil paintings and prints. The artists include Dolores Ribal, Charlotte Peterson, Anne Brooke Hawkins, Sue Bennett, Peter Coons, Joan Adkins, Bruce Barnes, Steve Bennett, Marjory Foster, Virginia Govedare, Marilyn Hurst, June Jack, Anne Schurman, Betty Barss, Kim Faucher, Gary Foll, Mae Heideman, Judy Marshall, Dodie Hamilton-Brandon, Cora Lee, Judy Johnston, Janet Bocast and Witteveen.

Many of the artists have worked as teachers in the arts and are members of various art societies. Some have extensively shown their work in galleries.

"There are about 300 paintings in the show," Witteveen says. "We let buyers take the artwork at the time of purchase. As the paintings sell, the artists put up more work. So the exhibit changes throughout the show."

Artists' Workshop paints outdoors as weather permits. When the weather gets too cold, the group moves indoors to the First Presbyterian Church in Central Point. Artists interested in joining may call 482-5837.

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