Art Amble

Jacksonville artists and businesses alike were pleased with the turnout at last month's inaugural Art Amble. "I think people were really wanting to have a glass of wine, something to eat and just walk around," says Anne Brooke, coordinator of Art Presence, an organization that aims to increase art exposure in the area.

Held the fourth Friday of each month, Jacksonville's Art Amble, coordinated by Art Presence, will be from 5 to 7 p.m. Friday, June 24.

Nearly 30 businesses in Jacksonville will be open for the event. Participating businesses are designated by gold pennants. In addition to art, several businesses also will offer finger foods and wine tastings.

Here's a list of exhibits displayed in Jacksonville for the Art Amble:

  • Encaustic by Dianne Jean Erickson will be at Apple Cellar Bakery, Corks Wine Bar and Jacksonville Barn Co., 150 S. Oregon St.
  • Watercolor paintings by Anne Brooke will be at Bella Union, 170 W. California St.
  • Fused glass by Debby Early will be at The Blue Door, 155 N. Third St.
  • Abstract paintings by Dixie Kinser will be at The Candy Shoppe, 235 E. California St.
  • Photography by Ron and Dee Moore and acrylic and oil paintings by Danna Tartaglia will be at Carefree Buffalo, 130 W. California St.
  • Works by more than 30 gallery artists will be at The Creator's Gallery, 145 N. Fifth St.
  • Mixed-media paintings by Elaine Witteveen will be at her gallery, 305 N. Oregon St.
  • Oil paintings by Gabriel Lipper will be at Elan Gallery, 245 W. Main St.
  • Acrylic paintings by Mae Wygant will be at The GoodBean Co., 165 S. Oregon St.
  • Assemblage by Marjorie Mercer will be at Jacksonville Co., 155 W. California St.
  • Watercolor paintings by Betty Barss and Charlotte Peterson will be at The Jacksonville Inn, 175 E. California St.
  • Oil paintings by Katharine Gracey will be at Jacksonville Mercantile, 120 E. California St.
  • Acrylic and oil paintings by Alx Fox will be at J'Ville Tavern, 125 W. California St.
  • Mixed-media impressionist paintings by Arlene Sadler will be at La Boheme, 175 W. California St.
  • Printmaking by Peter Coons, photography by Alice LaMoree and stained-glass works by Jannie Ledard will be at LodeStar Bar, 105 W. California St.
  • Oil paintings by Jeff Levin will be at MacLevin's Whole Foods Deli and Gallery, 150 W. California St.
  • Watercolor and pastel paintings by Steve and Sue Bennett will be at their Oregon Street Gallery, 240 S. Oregon St.
  • Metal art by Cheryl Garcia will be at South Stage Cellars, 125 S. Third St.
  • Mixed-media paintings by Katy Cauker and oil paintings by Bill Stanton will be at Terra Firma, 135 W. California St.

Regional artists interested in becoming members of Art Presence and displaying their works in the monthly event can contact Anne Brooke at 541-941-7057.

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