Teatro Milagro will stage “El Ultimo” with students from the Crater Renaissance Academy. - Teatro Milagro

Teatro Milagro offers bilingual ecodrama

The Miracle Theatre Group, based in Portland, will once again send its Teatro Milagro company down to Southern Oregon for a residency program with a local school.

This year the company will be staging "El Último" at 7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 26, at Crater Performing Arts Center, 655 N. Third St., Central Point.

The free performance of the bilingual ecodrama by Dañel Malán and CarlosAlexis Cruz will feature teens from the Crater Renaissance Academy in cameo roles in a special adaptation. The performance marks the culmination of a four-day "Art of Science" residency.

In "El Último," Kalani, a timberman associated with the Trillium Corporation, acquires a small island in the Patagonia that he plans to develop into a sustainable logging community.

Upon his arrival he is attacked by Mapuche forest spirits. Solen, an old enemy from their environmental wars, arrives to "save" the Mapuches from his invasion. Meanwhile, nature awaits its destiny as the power struggle of culture, ecology and greed determines their future.

"El Último" is directed by CarlosAlexis Cruz. Kalani, the timberman, is played by Matt Haynes, and Solen, the environmentalist, by Sylvia Malán-González. Longko Marcelino, one of two Mapuches, is played by Omar Vargas and the other, Machi Hortensia, by Dañel Malán.

Teatro Milagro has brought is bilingual education program PUENTES to a new level through its integrated-arts learning program "The Art of Science." The purpose of the program is to share sustainable community building and living techniques through the arts.

During the four-day residency, both teachers and students enter into a discussion of what utopia could be: how it would be governed and how its citizens could live in cob structures with alternative energy sources. In addition to the final performance, a lobby display will share some of the environmental projects created by the students.

The Miracle Theatre Group is celebrating 25 years as an organization dedicated to Latino arts and culture.

The group's next season explores themes from the clashing cultures of Mexico and Portland to the glamorous showbiz of Peron's Buenos Aires, Nuyoricans haunted by their past, Mapuche shamans uncertain of their future and California Chicanos suspended in the present.

The Miracle Theatre Group is committed to presenting works that exemplify the human experience through a culturally informed lens, latinidad. Founders José Eduardo González and Dañel Malán began Miracle's Hispanic artistic programming from a desire to recreate and share the cultural vivacity of their origins. Although their experiences were rooted in Mexican heritage, their mission has always been to present works that express the multicultural Latino experience.

Miracle Theatre's signature works celebrate the vibrancy of Latino aesthetic, blending movement, dance and music with poetic language. Authenticity is a priority in the work presented by Miracle, insured by extensive research, consultation and collaboration with cultural experts, and tested against the personal experiences of artists and audience members.

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