Sun Gun

The Seaons release 'Sun Gun'

Almost two years in the making, Medford band The Seaons is set to release its debut album — "Sun Gun."

"You can imagine what a sun gun would be — it would be some sort of a weapon harnessing the sun," says frontman Sean Siders.

The shipment of new CDs arrived just five days before the band's CD release party set for 6 p.m. Sunday, April 28, at the Rocky Tonk Saloon, 333 E. Main St. Medford.

"We thought we had a buffer zone of at least a month," says Dave Siders, The Seaons' manager and Sean Siders' father. "It's not an easy process to get an album put together."

The local band features lead vocalist, guitarist and keyboard player Sean Siders, drummer Alex Detweiler, bass player Grayson Phelps and guitarist Micah McCaw.

Audiences may be familiar with the band as its former lineup as the Apple Ciders. Two members from that formation — keyboard player Bryce Miller and guitarist Micah Jones — join The Seaons on some new album's tracks.

Some of the songs included on "Sun Gun" were written while the boys performed as the Apple Ciders. With help from musician and producer Bret Levick — and Sean Siders' new training as a percussionist in Southern Oregon University's music program — the songs evolved into new arrangements.

The album's title is meant to be a metaphor for the goodness in all of us, Sean Siders says.

"The sun is a positive energy, really vivid and bright, and you're weaponizing that beautiful energy to make the world better. We all have the power to do good. We just have to use it," Siders says.

The rock group has a sound similar to Coldplay and the Fleet Foxes. Most notable are its catchy hooks and vocal harmonies.

One of the tracks, "Forever More," features local guitar guru Jeff Pevar on bass. The Seaons will perform "Forever More" live for the first time at the CD release party.

"It's really difficult. It's sort of like a choral song," Siders says. "We've been working on it a ton the last three weeks."

The group will perform the new album in its entirety, as well as new tunes ready to be recorded.

"They literally already have a second album ready to go and are working on a third" Dave Siders says. "They're that far ahead of themselves. Once money starts coming, these guys are going to get caught up right away."

SOU Music Professor Terry Longshore recorded percussion tracks with Sean Siders for "Sun Gun," and producer Levick also makes vocal, guitar and piano contributions.

"He just added in whatever he thought it needed," Sean Siders says. Levick's daughter, Bowie, sings on the album as well.

Harnessing the power of creative songwriting, "Sun Gun" delivers a high beam of positive messaging in the lyrics and complex overlapping vocals with many layers of percussion, according to the band. The album will be available for $10 at the CD release party. The cover is free.

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