'Sanctuary,” taken in San Miguel, Mexico, demonstrates Pat Moore's appreciation of color and architecture.

Pat Moore shows an eye for color

Pat Moore is a farmer, a teacher and a traveler who happens to carry a camera everywhere he goes. Despite other occupations, photography has been a constant in Moore's life. For the past 40 years, he has dedicated himself to building a strong portfolio and, eight years ago, decided to pursue his passion full time.

"It's work and pleasure all at once," says Moore, who also is the owner of Ashland Archival Printing.

Although he studied photography for several years at the University of Idaho, Moore's aptitude grew out of snapping pictures as often as he could. Moore says he stays abreast of rapidly advancing technology by reading photography magazines for fresh ideas on techniques, trends and presentation methods.

Moore worked for 20 years as an organic farmer in southwest Washington. During the off season, he would travel frequently to Mexico and other Central American countries, as well as to Morocco, Cuba and Europe. In 1988, he began teaching sustainable agriculture at Washington's Evergreen State College, a position that allowed him to take frequent field trips and photograph places he may never have visited otherwise.

Moore says he prefers candid, editorial-style photography. His subjects range from flora and fauna to cityscapes and people.

Moore says the key to a good photograph often is knowledge of and appreciation for the subject.

"The image you take when you know a subject is more compelling than the ones you take dropping in on a subject," he says.

"A color hunter," Moore says one of his favorite subjects is Mexico, where he enjoys capturing the bold, contrasting colors represented in the country's architecture and culture. Moore has visited the country about 30 times.

"I like doors and windows and architecture and Guanajuato, in particular," says Moore. "It has a really wonderful color palette, and that's what first attracted me to it."

Moore's photography can be viewed online at www.patmoorephotography.com.

Prints or gallery wraps — an image on canvas wrapped around a frame — are available.

"People sometimes feel like they can walk right into the image," says Moore.

Moore shows his work most Saturdays at Lithia Artisans Market in Ashland.

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