The Voodoo Organist is on the road with his new album, 'Darwin Dance Hall Days.' - Photo by Mark Baertschi

Voodoo Organist at Johnny B's

An underground music scene favorite, Voodoo Organist will perform at 9 p.m. Wednesday, March 25, at Johnny B's, 35 S. Bartlett St., Medford. The traveling sideshow preacher and road warrior is back with "Darwin Dance Hall Days," a CD of 13 songs of love, lust, murder and rivers of whiskey set against a backdrop of the Mojave Desert.

"Sonically, it's my thickest sound yet," says Scott Wexton, the conjure man behind the band, on his Web site. "I have a new rig for live shows and recording, which includes a 1949 Hammond CV organ and vintage Moog Taurus bass pedals. The sound of the tube driven organ with the analog bass pedals is amazing. Deep, heavy, like a steamroller."

A former goth industrialist from Detroit, whose high school band opened for Nine Inch Nails and many others in the '90s, Wexton has played the organ since the age of 10. He spent time in various bands in cities around the country before settling in Los Angeles and reinventing himself as the Voodoo Organist.

For several years he touring full time as a one-man band, adding drummer Robin Kennon (The Necro Tonz) to create a two-man army of darkness.

Wexton's songs have been featured in indie horror movies such as "Return of the Living Dead IV" and "100 Tears."

Cover for the show at Johnny B's is TBA. Call 773-1900.

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