One Horse Shy, an Ashland-based band, is taking it to the road for a Northwest tour this fall. - Photo Tanya Rist

Rock 'n' roll — or roots 'n' roll

Urban country band One Horse Shy is making great musical strides.

Starting about two years ago as a duo featuring vocalist Manda Bryn and acoustic guitarist Cris Kelly, the members evolved into a five-piece group at the beginning of 2007.

One thing has led to another, says Kelly.

"We're just one vocal track away from finishing our full-length, debut album," he says. "I think we're going to call it 'Milk and Honey'."

One Horse Shy performs gigs locally about twice a month, appearing regularly as a band and occasionally as a duo at the Jefferson State Pub and the Standing Stone Brewery.

The full band, which features Bryan Helfrich on drums, Mysha Caruso on bass and Lincoln Zeve on harmonica, performs at 9:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 25, at the pub, 31B Water St., Ashland.

The group also is slated to perform at the Brews and Boogie Festival in October at ScienceWorks Museum in Ashland, and dates are set for performances in Eugene and Monterey, Calif.

With influences such as Gillian Welch and James McMurtry, One Horse Shy's sound is the product of American roots music and foot-stomping blues and rock.

"Our shows consist of songs that we have written and some covers," Kelly says. "We love high-energy tunes and lyrical harmonies, and we try to blend those sounds."

Kelly has two solo recordings to his credit. Caruso also has a couple of recordings under his belt.

Cover to the show at the Jefferson State Pub costs $5. Call 482-7718.

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