Remember the '60s!

Remember the "60s! A county-wide, month-long celebration has grown out of Southern Oregon Historical Society's new exhibit "Far Out! Southern Oregon in the 1960s."

"The '60s conjures images of JFK and Camelot, the Beatles and the British Invasion, mini-skirts and bell-bottoms, the rise of hippie culture and the anti-war movement, Woodstock, the space race, and the generation gap," says Rob Esterlein, executive director of SOHS. "The tone and influence of popular music evolved with unprecedented speed. Fashion became a statement of an individual's social, political and generational affiliation."

The exhibit — artifacts showcasing pop culture, civil rights, the environment and science of the '60s — will be displayed Saturday, March 29, through April 7 in the historic Woolworth Building, 29 N. Central Ave., in downtown Medford.

Other exhibits and activities throughout Jackson County will illustrate how the '60s' dynamic cultural changes were experienced in Southern Oregon — from technology advances, fashion evolution, the building of I-5, the 1964 flood, the space race, protests, cars and cruising to counter culture.

Rock band LEFT kicks off the month-long event with live music from the '60s from 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday, March 29, at 2Hawk Winery, 2335 N. Phoenix Road, Medford. The show will include a costume party.

"Our band plays a lot of '60s songs," says frontman Bret Levick. "We will play a lot more '60s music at this show ... with conviction."

See for all of the details.

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