Jesse Baldwin and Mysha Caruso are Kites & Crows.

Kites & Crows, Starlings at the Siskiyou Pub

Kites & Crows is a new music project headed up by Mysha Caruso, bass player and vocalist for local alt-country band One Horse Shy, and Jesse Baldwin on accordion, banjo and mandolin.

"It's a duo based on the music that I write," says Caruso. He and Baldwin met while at their jobs at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, where Caruso works as a stage hand and Baldwin works as a lighting technician. The two began collaborating on Kites & Crows about five months ago.

"We named our duo after a point in the play "Coriolanus," Caruso says. "When the banished war hero Caius Martius is hiding out 'under the canopy ... in the city of kites and crows.' "

Kites & Crows will open a show for The Starlings, a Seattle-based folk group, at 9 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 28, at the Siskiyou Pub, 31B Water St., Ashland.

Caruso says that the foundation for his song writing began as a reflection of nature and how it applies to human civilization. Such as his song "Within the Circle" that includes the lyrics "as long as you're in the circle we shall know the purity that is reflected in yours eyes' glow."

"I think my lyrics have progressed more to commonplace images nowadays," Caruso says. "Such as 'another maze on the coast of Maine, behind that barn we drank lemonade, on your face I read the strategies that you design, but way down the line I'm taking the train.' "

The Starlings feature Joy Mills on guitar, banjo, mandolin and vocals, Tom Parker on guitar, harmonica and vocals, Aimee Zoe Tubbs on drums and Jack Quick on upright bass.

The group is a big-city band with a small-town sound that includes sweet vocals by Mills, who harmonizes with her husband, Parker.

The Starlings released its second album, "Marveling the While," in 2008, which spent 17 weeks on the Roots Music Report chart. The group has been touring nationally since May. Hear samples of the group's music at starlingsmusic.com.

There is no cover for the show at the Siskiyou Pub. Call 482-7718.

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