Electronic groove trio D Numbers promises to take listeners on a joy ride. - Photo from D Numbers

Groove is good

D Numbers is the life work of three close friends who live in Santa Fe, N.M. Influenced by pioneers of post-rock and electronica such as Tortoise, Mouse on Mars, Four Tet and Sigur Ros, D Numbers' sound is a manic blend of dance, trip hop, rock and alternative like everything you've never heard before.

The group's live performances include sets of grooves that are ancestral and related, and their debut CD, "Light Parade," shows that the trio bridges the gap between the stage and the studio.

D Numbers will perform at 8 p.m. Saturday, May 26, at the Mobius, 281 Fourth St., Ashland.

Using an assortment of pedals, analog effects processors as well as sampling and looping the sounds of their instruments, the trio weaves electric instrumental soundscapes that explore a wide range of grooves and emotions ranging from melancholy to aggressive.

The trio includes Ben Wright on guitar, loops, beats and synthesizer; Paul Groetzinger on drums and samples; and Brian Mayhall on bass, fender rhodes, clavinet and loops.

D Numbers formed in January 2002 and has performed shows with Plysics, Beirut, Erase Errata, The Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, That 1 Guy, Yerba Buena and the Detroit Grand Pubahs.

Admission to the show at the Mobius costs $10; $8 for students. Call 488-8894.

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