Singer and songwriter Colin Spring hails from the rainy climes of the Northwest. - myspace.com/colinspring

Colin Spring at 4 Daughters

Fans of folk musicians such as Greg Brown, Chris Smither and Fred Eaglesmith can look to songwriter Colin Spring for similar lyrically-driven songs on acoustic guitar and harmonica.

"I've opened shows for them, and I'm a huge fan of Eaglesmith," says the Corvallis-based Spring.

Spring will perform at 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 31, at 4 Daughters Irish Pub, 126 W. Main St., Medford.

Spring has four albums to his credit, the most recent being "How I Came to Cry These Tears of Cool" that was released in 2005.

"I like the old songs, but I've been writing a lot of new material," Spring says. "I'd like to emulate the classic song writing styles of Dylan, (Tom) Waits or (Leonard) Cohen."

Spring is originally from Flagstaff, Ariz. He spent time working in Seattle and Portland before moving to Corvallis, and he's discovered a parallel between one of Brown's songs, "I Must Be in Oregon," and his own life. Spring is getting darned tired of the rain.

Spring says that many of his song ideas come from books and poetry that he reads, not so much from other songwriters.

"I just finished a book, 'The Horse's Mouth,' by Joyce Cary," Spring says. "It's about an aging artist who is still out to create his great masterpiece, but somewhere along the way he's missed his best opportunities.

"Maybe I see a parallel there, too," Spring says. "I still think that the really great song, the really great album is somewhere down the line."

Two songs on Spring's MySpace site, "Good Looking Man" and "The Rise and Fall of Johnny Nighttrain," may be more indicative of his current performance style.

"They're the ones that get called out the most at shows," Spring says. "If I am the equivalent of a one-hit wonder, 'Good Looking Man' will be the song. Without sounding too morose, I hope I haven't missed my best opportunities."

Songs from "Tears of Cool" and Spring's live radio shows are at myspace.com/colinspring.

Spring tours around the U.S. and Canada, and he says he enjoys traveling and playing. He wins his audience with his storytelling skills and well-crafted songs.

Cover at 4 Daughters is free. Call 779-4455.

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