Joe LaPierre, Sandy Lowery and Paul Harmon are GreenStone.

A band by any other name

"What's in a name?" asks Joe LaPierre of alternative rock trio GreenStone. "A band makes a name for itself. We're so drawn to catch phrases that if a band has a cool name, people will go out to hear it."

LaPierre, GreenStone's lead guitarist and vocalist, and his band mates, bassist Paul Harmon and drummer Sandy Lowery, thought GreenStone had a good ring to it.

"It's a geological term for the way light is diffused through a gem," LaPierre says. "We could come up with stupid band names all day, but we liked that one. Our music is everything from reggae to hard rock. I guess you could call it eclectic or alternative, but it is diffused by the experiences that we share through our lyrics and harmonies."

The band performs at 9 p.m. Saturday, April 26, at The Irish Pub, 137 E. Main St., Ashland.

LaPierre writes most of the lyrics for GreenStone's original music. Harmon and Lowery collaborate on the songs by layering in the rhythm.

"I think it's important that our music is all original," LaPierre says. "We want to present songs with positive messages that go deeper than most surface topics. People seek answers, and, though we may not be the guys you want to quote word for word, I think audiences can relate to what we're saying."

Take "Life Worth Living," GreenStone's call for people to focus on positive aspects.

"It's about not being down on yourself all of the time," LaPierre says. "If you dwell on the negative, it can become toxic. There's always going to be a dark side. I'm just saying, please know that your life has value. As corny as it sounds, if you focus on the good, you can turn your life around.

"I don't know, though," he says. "There's a lot of work behind that idea."

Inspiration for other songs by the power trio come from jamming together regularly.

"Nothin" began as just that, nothing in its early stages, LaPierre says.

"It was a bass line that Paul had when I met him," he says. "We'd get together and say, 'let's do that Paul jam.' It's pretty much the meat of the song. Then one day we were jammin' on it and the lyrics just came out of me."

LaPierre and Harmon are both from Ashland and have worked with other local bands, including one called Gangadank — a name was pulled from a suggestion box — and Wilfred, which actually is LaPierre's first name.

"But please call me Joe," he says.

Harmon did a stint with the now defunct local band Three Day Girlfriend. Lowery has played with band from around the Las Vegas area.

"Sandy moved here, and Paul and I found her on Craigslist. We hit it off with her right away."

GreenStone has been playing at various gigs around the Rogue Valley for almost a year and has recently finished a demo of their music. Hear it at myspace.com/greenstonegroove.

"Our first weekend out was at the Talent Club," says LaPierre. "Then we played The Irish Pub. They must have heard something they liked there, because they keep asking us back."

The new trio's immediate plans are to turn the demo into and full-length album and work on their act while performing gigs around the Rogue Valley.

"Hopefully, we can make a little money to pay for the T-shirts and CDs," LaPierre says.

Cover for the show at The Irish Pub is free. Call 482-8572.

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