Lost Lander is, from left to right, Dave Lowensohn, Sarah Fennell, Matt Sheehy and Patrick Hughs. - Photo courtesy of Ben Moon

Lost Lander at Alex's

Portland's Lost Lander worked backward. First came the album, then the band. Guitarist Matt Sheehy, who hails from Juneau, Alaska, but lives in Portland, is behind both projects.

In 2010, Sheehy partnered with keyboardist, vocalist and producer Brent Knopf, who had played with him in the band Ramona Falls, and a lineup of about 10 other Portland musicians to record the album, "DRRT," released in January 2012.

Shortly after, Sheehy assembled his quartet — named Lost Lander at the suggestion of his mother — to package and promote the album. Lost Lander is Sheehy, bassist and guitarist Dave Lowensohn, drummer Patrick Hughes and keyboardist Sarah Fennell.

"The album came together as a collage, and the songs have come to life now that we have Dave, Sarah and Pat contributing," Sheehy says.

This year alone, the band covered the expanse of the Unites States in its minivan, doubling back through Texas, Chicago, Arizona, Colorado, Seattle and Boise, Idaho.

Lost Lander will play from 9:15 to 10:45 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 22, at Alex's Plaza Restaurant and Bar, 35 N. Main St., Ashland. The Bromantics, featuring Kevin Conness, Neil Mangicaro and Scott Mangicaro, will perform later that evening. The cover charge is $5.

At the center of Lost Lander's music is a juxtaposition of nature and technology as the band balances organic, folklyrics and melodies with pop rhythms and hooks. This contrasting theme appears in the album's opening track, "Cold Feet," a song about being overwhelmed by technology, and in the album's title, "DRRT," a natural substance spelled in tech talk.

"I'm a forester and spend a lot of time in the woods doing more manual labor pretty close to the earth, but the other half of my life is playing with computers and cars and collaborating with musicians over a computer," Sheehy explains. "Music has become a very technology-centric job. ... It's just a theme of our times."

Sheehy says he likes to imagine the band's sound lands somewhere in the realm of Peter Gabriel, The National and Kate Bush.

See www.lost-lander.com or call Alex's at 541-482-8818.

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