Jack Soren performs with Rick Pulido this weekend. Laughing at the punch lines is strongly suggested. - Entertainment Solutions, Inc.

It's a living

Tony Dijamco got hooked on stand-up comedy at the age of 9 when he saw Richard Pryor's film "Live on the Sunset Strip."

"I thought he was the only comedian in the world," Dijamco says. "Then my parents got cable."

Later, Dijamco hosted a talent show for his junior high school and knew it was what he wanted to do. Today he is a professional comedian, actor and writer.

Dijamco headlines the comedy show at 9 p.m. Friday, June 29, at Ground Zero, 123 S. Front St., Medford.

"Stand-up is my passion," he says. "I've been at it for 15 years, and I've been making a full-time living out of it for about 11 years."

Originally from San Francisco, Dijamco is now based in Los Angeles. He's a regular at the Improv and The Comedy Store. One of the highlights of his career was touring for two weeks last year with Robin Williams, he says.

"It was quite an experience," Dijamco says. "It was cool watching him work on new material, just like everyone else."

Dijamco's stand-up act full of jokes about his career in Hollywood and about current events.

"The world is my target," he says. "Paris Hilton, George Bush. I make fun of anyone who needs to be made fun of."

Dijamco's second passion is comic books, and he is releasing his own in November 2007 with Fly High Adventures, a small publisher in L.A. The action and adventure comic is called "The Nightwatch" and features a team of superheroes whose main characters are called Spin and Rave.

"All the cool names were taken," he says. "But I call the characters Earth's most sarcastic superheroes.

"Anyway, what's funnier than men in tights?"

Kevin Young will share the bill with Dijamco on Friday night at Ground Zero. Admission to the show costs $5 and includes a buffet-style dinner. Call 779-4827.

Rick Pulido also calls comedy his job, and he "gets the job done," according to his press.

Pulido and Jack Soren perform at 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday, June 29-30, at Chadwick's Pub in the Rogue Regency Inn, 2300 Biddle Road, Medford.

Pulido was raised in El Paso, Texas, by his mother, sister and aunts. He developed what he calls a feminine macho attitude.

"Be aggressive, ruthless and take no prisoners, but dress well doing it," he says.

Pulido brings upsidedown takes on life to his act, along with sound effects and animated body and facial expressions. He has appeared at the top clubs around the country, including The Punch Line, Laughs Unlimited, The Laff Stop, the Improv and The Comedy Store. He's also made television appearances on CBS' "Up & Coming Comics," A&E's "Live at the Improv," PBS' "Dad's World" and HBO's "Loco Slam."

Soren is an up and coming comedian and actor with a sharp style and truthful insight who says he's "looking for the rest of his life."

"Have you seen it?" he jokes.

Admission to the shows at Chadwick's Pub cost $5. Call 282-2122.

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