Robin Cee performs Friday, Oct. 26, at Ground Zero in Medford. - robincee.com

Funny 'n' sweet

Robin Cee brings impulsive, hyperactive humor to her stand-up performances.

"Attention deficit disorder has never been so entertaining," Cee says. "I'm a one-woman variety show."

Cee has been working as a comedian for about 16 years. In the late '90s, she began doing voice-overs and writing lampoons and comedy bits for the radio show "Ranel in the Morning" on KISS FM in San Francisco. She's got a truckload of high-energy characters — two of her voice-overs, "Judge Ranel" and "Paula Jones," can be heard at robincee.com online.

Cee's show is rated PG and cuss-free. She performs at 9 p.m. Friday, Oct. 26, at Ground Zero, 123 S Front St., Medford.

The 6-foot-tall comedienne has performed around the world and has just returned from a tour of shows in the Middle East and Africa.

"We performed for U.S. troops at the Bahrain Naval Base and in Djibouti," Cee says. Bahrain is on the coast of Saudi Arabia and Djibouti is in northeast Africa on the Gulf of Aden.

"We heard that Michael Jackson has a palace on the island of Bahrain," Cee says. "We were looking for him, but he wears a burqa so that people won't recognize him. Still, there aren't a lot of people over there wearing white socks."

The trip overseas wasn't the first one that Cee has taken to perform for troops and their families at U.S. bases. She's been to just about every continent.

Still based in San Francisco, Cee is a regular at clubs, casinos, colleges and universities in Southern California and Nevada. She recently opened a show for actor and comedian Sinbad at Cobb's Comedy Club in San Francisco.

"He's borderline genius," Cee says. "He's on the same level as Robin Williams, they just go off."

Cee says she'd like to get into cartoons, and that she's written a series called "CoCo Cop."

"It's about a cop named CoCo," she says. "And that's all I'm going to say."

Cee is hoping that a production company that does animation will pick up her series.

Admission to Ground Zero costs $5. Call 779-4827.

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