Cyber Center Warehouse Sports Grill

At the Cyber Center Warehouse Sports Grill you can see all the games and get good eats, too.

Located off Biddle Road (behind Southern Oregon Subaru) in Medford, the grill offers an extensive menu of American food, a full bar and enough TV screens to allow any sports fan to watch his or her favorite team. There's a bank of 15 32- and 42-inch screens placed about 10-feet high along one wall, four more screens above the bar and a TV screen in every booth. They're loaded with more than basic cable. Just ask your server for a remote.

I don't follow sports, but the menu is set to match any and all appetites, starting with the appetizers that range from chicken wings and strips to nachos, burritos and tacos.

Rob and I were taking a late lunch together on a Friday, and, in a moment of hungry indulgence, I ordered a plate of fresh, tempura battered zucchini ($4.95). It was pretty good. The veggies were indeed fresh, and cut into thick chunks to keep them firm.

Then we looked over the selection of sandwiches, salads and burgers on the menu. Rob loves Philly cheesesteak sandwiches and ordered one of the hot subs made with steak strips, swiss cheese and sauteed onions and peppers ($9.95). I ordered a classic Reuben with corned beef, sauerkraut and swiss cheese ($8.95).

All of the restaurant's sandwiches are served with French fries, crisscut fries, onions rings, a green salad or soup. There's all the traditional favorites: clubhouse sandwiches, hot pastrami, tri tip and French dip sandwiches. There's also a prime rib sandwich and a couple of other noteworthy offerings, including a meatball sandwich (it's also called the Owners Special and touts a 30-year-old recipe for meatballs in marinara) and a teriyaki chicken sandwich served on an eight-inch hoagie. A wide range of sizes and styles of burgers also is offered.

While we waited for our sandwiches, the general manager showed us around the place. There's more than sports channels at the restaurant. There's also free pool and free wi-fi Internet. A lineup of Xbox 360 games are available right at the booths. Just tell your server what game you want to play and how many controllers you need. It's all complimentary.

Right beside the restaurant is the Cyber Center Game Center. It's full of computers packed with the latest online games. Kids can play in the game room for $1 per hour, as long as their parents are dining inside the restaurant. And there's Guitar Hero, a music video game in which players use a guitar-shaped peripheral to simulate playing rock songs. This is something I would only try at home. There's also a golf and a hunting simulator inside the restaurant. Tournaments and gaming are held at the Cyber Grill. (Call for information.)

We scooted back to our table when our food arrived. My Reuben was tasty. It was served with hot sauerkraut, corned beef that was lean and not too tough and the right amount of Thousand Island dressing on grilled marble rye.

Rob liked his Philly, too. The sandwiches were more than we could eat, so we each wrapped up half and took the food to the crew at Rob's job — where it received more rave reviews.

The sports grill also offers steaks, chicken, and fish and chips, and there are a few Italian dishes such as fettucine Alfredo, spaghetti and pizza. From what I understand, the pizza is pretty good. I would like to try one soon.

For parties or business meetings, a conference room with an 11-by-11-foot projection screen is available.

Take VISA or MasterCard credit or debit cars or cash when you go to the Cyber Grill; the restaurant does not take checks.

— Laurie Heuston

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