Cadillac Cafe

Since it's practically right around the corner, the Cadillac Cafe is a convenient place to pop in and grab lunch.

And that's just what I did this week with my two dining companions. The three of us have kind of a tradition over the years of coming to the Cadillac Cafe for lunch whenever we need to catch up with what we have all been doing.

This visit we were curious to see whether the new owners had made any major changes in either the lunch menu or the decor. If they did, we couldn't tell.

But a large banner outside announced that Cadillac Cafe now offers breakfast specials from 7 to 11 a.m. That was new.

You now can get nine kinds of omelets for $5.75 to $7.75. For side dishes you have your choice of hash browns ($3.75), home fries ($3.75), biscuit and gravy ($3.75), as well as English muffin, cinnamon roll, eggs, ham, bacon or sausage.

Inside, the familiar 1950s decor was still there, complete with photos and memorabilia from movies of that era. We sat by the front window, which is near the model of an old movie camera.

The menu announces "Lunch with the Stars" and then proceeds to list a number of sandwiches named after the faces who appeared opposite the lens of real movie cameras back in the day.

There are sandwiches named for Mae West, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Humphrey Bogart, Liz Taylor and Marlon Brando.

Also on the list is a Vegi sandwich with choice of bread, cheese and condiments. Or you can design your own from a list of meats, cheeses, breads and all sorts of condiments and add-ons from pepperoncini to sprouts.

The sandwiches are $6.75 for a whole and $5.75 for a half. They all come with a choice of soup or salad of the day. Mayonnaise and mustard come on all non-cream cheese sandwiches. And any whole sandwich can be made as a wrap rather than with bread.

Cadillac Cafe has a thing for wraps. They are $6.75 and include five different kinds of chicken: teriyaki, BBQ, Malibu, garlic ginger and Szechwan.

As tempting as all these choices were, my companions and I were more interested in the $6.75 daily specials. One of my companions chose the chicken bacon ranch wrap, and the other the Sloppy Joe. I went for the tuna melt.

The specials came with a choice of soup or one of the salads of the day. Two of us had soup and one had a mixed green salad. We could have had hamburger soup or vegetarian mixed bean soup. We went for the bean soup.

For a salad, my other companion could have had tuna, fruit or pasta.He found his salad average and his Sloppy Joe flavorful but a bit dry and salty. But he did appreciate the novelty of the slice of cheese on top.

My other companion was pleased with her chicken wrap. She said it was "the size of Rambo's forearm." She said it was very good. She especially liked the fact that it was made with a whole chicken breast instead of the more predictable little strips of chicken.

My tuna melt came wrapped in a flour tortilla-like blanket and was a good size for a hungry diner. I liked my soup. It was a perfect complement to my tuna melt. My companion, who is not a vegetarian, missed the chunks of ham that usually are cooked in bean soup. The beans were light-colored and we guessed navy or pinto.

Surprisingly, there were no desserts. Cadillac Cafe seems like the perfect place to serve great home-made pies named after more movie stars of the era. And milk shakes. But they do offer vanilla or cherry cokes along with the assortment of fruit juices and sodas. Just like in the 1950s.

— Richard Moeschl

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