The Reuben Melt ($8.25) from Ahuva Bagels includes pastrami, sauerkraut and thousand island dressing covered in melted Swiss cheese on a plain bagel. Mail Tribune / Rebecca Scott

Bagels for any meal at Ahuva Bagel Co. in Medford

Bagels aren’t just for breakfast anymore. While the classic combo of a toasted bagel and cream cheese will never go out of style, there’s a whole new world of flavors and toppings out there. Have a bagel for lunch, dinner or a snack. But whenever you decide to eat your bagel, try one from the bagel masters at Ahuva Bagel Co., at 1130 Biddle Road in Medford.

That’s exactly what my mom and I did for lunch, and we weren’t disappointed. We perused a menu full of choices — bagels with various spreads, bagel sandwiches and open-faced sandwiches. Since it was nearly lunchtime we chose sandwiches rather than one of Ahuva's breakfast bagels.

Inside, the Ahuva Bagel Co. is set up like a coffee shop. The first thing you see is the counter with a giant menu hanging above it for easy reading. At eye level is a glass encasement of row after row of tantalizing bagels. There were so many I wanted to eat. I fought off the urge to buy a basic bagel box ($17.99) and go home and munch on those soft, chewy treats all day. I decided to forgo that fantasy and place a more sensible order. My mom chose the Club and I had the Reuben Melt, both $8.25. Two coffees completed our order.

We found open seats near the window on a ridiculously comfortable couch. The restaurant has a variety of seating, including tables and chair and the sofa and plush chairs near the window.

I’ve never been a big fan of Reuben sandwiches. I like them, but they aren’t my favorite. For some reason, on that fateful day, the Reuben Melt was calling me. I had to try it. And I’m happy I did. This sandwich has made me a Reuben convert.

The bagel was well toasted and crunchy, the perfect foundation for the mountain of meat and cheese that sat atop it. My sandwich was generously slathered with thousand island dressing and given a heaping helping of thinly sliced pastrami. The next layer was the tangy sauerkraut. It was a tad salty, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I’m usually not a fan of extra salt, but I think in this case, it cut through the fat of the meat, cheese and dressing. Melted Swiss cheese covered the other ingredients below it like a thick blanket of snow.

While my sandwich was open-faced, my mom’s Club resembled a regular sandwich. It was exactly what she expected from a club sandwich — turkey breast, smoked ham, bacon, fresh lettuce and tomato on a spinach parmesan bagel. Each ingredient was well-represented and fit between the two bagel slices perfectly. The Club was refreshing and executed well.

Ahuva Bagel Co. has numerous options and varieties to suit every taste. Their bagels come in many different flavors including plain, sesame seed, salt (my personal favorite), cheese and apple cinnamon. A single bagel is only 99 cents, but really, who only buys one bagel? A half dozen is $5.75 and baker's dozen is $11.50. You can build your own bagel sandwich or choose from other open-faced options such as the Cream Cheese and Lox ($8.99) or the New York Pizza Melt ($7.99).

However you prefer your bagel, Ahuva Bagel Co. will satisfy your craving. It's open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday and closed Sunday.

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