Actor John Tufts leads a backstage tour at OSF. - Photo Jenny Graham

Behind the scenes at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Walking tours at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival explore the history, design and technology of repertory theatre. Visit OSF's three theatre auditoriums and areas behind the Elizabethan Stage.

Backstage tours are offered all season at 10 a.m. Tuesday through Sunday . Adult tickets are $12, with youth (ages 6-17) tickets available for $6. Value season prices are $9 adult, $6 youth.

Reservations are required; please include tour reservations with your ticket order. OSF Members who receive complimentary tour tickets must also make reservations.

Note: The regular tour is a walking tour and has six flights of stairs. A stairless tour is available with at least three days notice. To order stairless tour tickets, please call the OSF Box Office at 800-219-8161 or 541-482-4331. Children under 6 are not admitted to plays or other events

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