'Merger,' sculpture by Gresham artist Tamae Frame.

'Tao Duo' at Rogue Gallery & Art Center

“Tao Duo” features figurative, ceramic sculptures by Gresham artist Tamae Frame and mixed-media by Eugene artist Annet Gurdjian. The exhibit will be open through Aug. 16 at the gallery, 40 S. Bartlett St., Medford.

Frame, who was born and raised in Japan, will show 17 ceramic figurative sculptures, inspired by ancient Indian Hindu sculptures, Mesoamerican clay figures and Japanese Buddhist statues. According to a statement by Frame, these slab-built sculptures are the embodiment of an inner calm.

Gurdijan, a graduate of University of Oregon, applies oil paint to the surface of photographs to create haunting, abstract images that depict human conflict, struggles, beauty and pain. Gurdijan’s multimedia artworks are influenced by her Armenian heritage.

Call 541-722-8118 or www.roguegallery.org.

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