Crater’s Kayleigh Tyerman wins the girls Class 5A 1,500 on Saturday at Hayward Field in Eugene. - Jamie Lusch

Tyerman goes for broke in winning 1,500

EUGENE — Her coach alluded to it after Crater senior Kayleigh Tyerman claimed the 3,000-meter state championship a day earlier.

Then Tyerman mentioned it after she secured her second crown of the Class 5A track and field meet Saturday at Hayward Field, winning the 1,500 in dominant fashion.

What is it?

It was Tyerman's performance at the cross country championships last fall. Regarded as the favorite, she placed second by 23 seconds.

"It was heartbreaking," said Tyerman, who will run for Cal Poly San Luis Obispo next year. "It really, really motivated me all season. It got me fired up. I never wanted to have a race again like I had in cross country, where at the end I thought I could have done so much more."

She surely had a different kind of race Saturday.

Competing against the girl who defeated her in cross country, Kellie Foley of Crook Country, Tyerman turned aggressor and crushed her, the field and the meet record with a time of 4 minutes, 32.02 seconds.

The old standard was 4:42.90, set last year by Alyssa O'Connor of Summit.

Tyerman's wasn't the lone championship by Southern Sky Conference runners. Wilder Schaaf of Ashland followed his 3,000 win a day earlier with a triumph in the 1,500, and Kelley Beck of Crater captured the boys 400, helping the Comets to second place in the team standings.

The Crater boys, buoyed by a controversial finish in the 4x400 relay that left them the winners of the race, scored 47 points. Marshfield won with 56.

Tyerman, who later ran the anchor leg on the 4x400 relay that placed sixth, decided early not to hold anything back in the 1,500.

"This was my last single race of my senior year," she said. "I got first once (3,000), and I thought I might as well go all out and do the best I can. I didn't play it safe. Today I cared more about my time than winning. It worked out."

Her time bettered her previous best of 4:33.2.

Coach Justin Loftus thought Tyerman might wait a couple hundred meters to take it out, then "hit spots of 70 to 72 (seconds) for three laps."

"But she took off from the start," he said. "She often does that."

Maybe she was in a hurry to get another gold medal. On Friday, she waved the one she earned in the 3,000 to her teammates and it flew off the lanyard. It was collected and reattached.

Seena Frantz of Ashland was fourth in the 1,500 in 4:50.22.

Schaaf didn't threaten the meet record of his former teammate, Matt Miner, as he did a day earlier in the 3,000. But he did discover the kick he showed then hadn't gone anywhere.

Hermiston's Jordan Ringe led most of the way in the 1,500, but Schaaf, a junior, mustered a charge over the final 200 yards that reeled him in, then caught Ringe on the homestretch in front of a cheering throng.

"I knew I could probably do it if I was fresh," Schaaf said of summoning reserve strength. "But it was tough to do it in that race. I was already tired from yesterday and from that race."

Schaaf's time was 4:02.64. Ringe was second in 4:03.17, and Crater's Zach Elliott — who challenged Schaaf the day before — was sixth.

"I never thought I'd get two state championships," said Schaaf. "I had a terrible cross country season. I'm surprised. It's overwhelming."

Beck didn't set a PR, as he hoped, but he was pleased nonetheless.

His victorious 400 time was 50.18 seconds. His best is 49.15.

"It was a good race," he said. "It was really windy on the backstretch, and I was a little sluggish after four races yesterday. But my goal was to come here and win a state championship. I didn't get the time I wanted, but I got the medal."

Byron Riemhofer of Mountain View was second in 50.74.

Beck added a fourth in the 200 in 22.60, one place ahead of teammate Jacob Ziegler (22.72).

They both then ran on the 4x400 relay that was accorded first place when Summit's and Crescent Valley's teams — which were running first and second — were disqualified for bumping down the homestretch.

Beck actually crossed the finish line second following the contact.

The relay, which also had Devin Massey and Hunter Sanders, was timed in 3:26.14.

Class 5A


4X100 — 1, West Albany (Tyler Davis, JonCameron Johnson, Dustin Manifesto, Anthony LaCoste), 42.89; 2, Thurston, 32.12; 3, The Dalles/Wahtonka, 43.15; 4, Crater (Ryan Sonday, Bryce Barden, Jacob Ziegler, Kelley Beck), 43.32.

1500 — 1, Wilder Schaaf, Ashland, 4:02.64; 2, Jordan Ringe, Hermsiton, 4:03.17; 3, Aaron Rogers, Glencoe, 4:05.96; 6, Zach Elliott, Crater, 4:07.55.

100 — 1, Logan Kotzian, Century, 10.9; 2, Joe Bryant, The Dalles/Wahtonka, 11.04; 3, Dusty Jarvis, Springfield, 11.04; 6, Garrett Davis, Eagle Point, 11.14.

400 — 1, Kelley Beck, Crater, 50.18; 2, Byron Riemhofer, Mountain View, 50.74; 3, Jon Amos, Klamath Union, 50.79.

110 HURDLES — 1, Caleb Kruse, Marshfield, 14.6; 2, Mark Flegel, Crook County, 14.7; 3, Howard Lao, Cleveland, 14.81; 7, Josh Dalton, Crater, 15.8.

800 — 1, Boru Guyuta, Jefferson, 1:56.27; 2, Ben Miramontes, Glencoe, 1:56.83; 3, Nick Anderson, Klamath Union, 1:58.23.

200 — 1, Logan Kotzian, Century, 22.04; 2, Joe Bryant, The Dalles/Wahtonka, 22.04; 3, JonCameron Johnson, West Albany, 22.52; 4, Kelley Beck, Crater, 22.6; 5, Jacob Ziegler, Crater, 22.72.

300 HURDLES — 1, Mark Flegel, Crook County, 39.16; 2, Caleb Kruse, Marshfield, 40.08; 3, Blake Kemp, Marshfield, 40.2.

4X400 — 1, Crater (Jacob Ziegler, Devin Massey, Hunter Sanders, Kelley Beck), 3:26.14; 2, Glencoe, 3:26.83; 3, Liberty, 3:30.96.

JAVELIN — 1, Cory Miller, Churchill, 190-10; 2, Geoff Herd, Pendleton, 184-9; 3, Trevor Barrett, Madras, 184-2; 12, Garrett Snow, Eagle Point, 144-7.

HIGH JUMP — 1, Brady Brent, Mountain View, 6-7; 2, Jeff Borgerson, Crescent Valley, 6-6; 3, Matson Hardie, Summit, 6-4; 8, Josh Wilson, Eagle Point, 6-1; Zach Reed, Eagle Point, 5-10.

LONG JUMP — 1, Anthony LaCoste, West Albany, 22-101/2; 2 (tie), Matson Hardie, Summit, and Deon McLaughlin, Klamath Union, 22-51/2.


4X100 RELAY — 1, Wilsonville (Nicole Gearhart, Allie Church, Lizzy Bullock, Kelsey Starr), 48.87; 2, Thurston, 49.06; 3, Liberty, 49.60.

1500 — 1, Kayleigh Tyerman, Crater, 4:32.02; 2, Kellie Foley, Crook County, 4:42.03; 3, Alyssa O'Connor, Summit, 4:48.95; 4, Seena Frantz, Ashland, 4:50.22.

100 — 1, Kellie Schueler, Summit, 11.78; 2, Kelsey Starr, Wilsonville, 12.64; 3, Willamette, 12.66.

400 — 1, Kellie Schueler, Summit, 54.6; 2, Angelica Rodriguez, Hermiston, 57.56; 3, Amy Atwater, Churchill, 57.63.

100 HURDLES — 1, Olivia Ferrara, Liberty, 14.42; 2, Ashley Lomax, Glencoe, 14.92; 3, Brionny Jackson, Thurston, 15.21.

800 — 1, Alyssa O'Connor, Summit, 2:12.96; 2, Sydnie Johnson, Churchill, 2:13.96; 3, Catherine Theobald, Bend, 2:18.28; 8, Jasmyn Andrews, Crater, 2:25.48.

200 — 1, Kellie Schueler, Summit, 23.94; 2, Amy Atwater, Churchill, 25.37; 3, Deanna Emanuel, Jefferson, 25.58.

300 HURDLES — 1, Olivia Ferrara, Liberty, 44.63; 2, Elizabeth Martin, Willamette, 44.7; 3, Brionny Jackson, Thurston, 46.62; 8, Megan Van Syoc, Crater, 49.04.

4X400 — 1, Summit (Veronica West, Hillie Teller, Alyssa O'Connor, Kellie Schueler), 3:57.49; 2, Glencoe, 4:01.21; 3, Pendleton, 4:02.71; 6, Crater, 4:07.26.

POLE VAULT — 1, Moriah Roberge, Marshfield, 12-91/2; 2, Sophie Gutermuth, Bend, 11-9; 3, Nina Gutermuth, Bend, 11-6; 10, Anya Martinez, Crater, 8-.

TRIPLE JUMP — 1, Iris Anderson, North Eugene, 36-101/2; 2, Mikayla Garrard, Mazama, 35-111/4; 3, Lexi Pola, Dallas, 35-21/4.

DISCUS — 1, Mary Barnett, Hermiston, 122-9; 2, Kaelea Crosby, Klamath Union, 122-1; 3, Michaela Armstrong, Corvallis, 116-10; 7, Holly Haga, Crater, 112-5.

SHOT PUT — 1, Christy Mosier, Summt, 39-53/4; 2, Kady Stafford, Crook County, 38-1/2; 3, Mary Barnett, Hermiston, 37-111/2; 8, Holly Haga, Crater, 35-41/2.

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