Swimmers nab District 4 honors

Phoenix and Cascade Christian each had two first-team all-District 4 swimming selections.

Phoenix's Alyse Darnall and Gabe Deen made the girls unit, as did Cascade Christian's Breanna Sapienza.

Cascade Christian's Aaron Ghiglieri made the boys team.

(Local Swimmers)


First Team — Alyse Darnall, fr., Phoenix; Breanna Sapienza, fr., Cascade Christian; Gabe Deen, sr., Phoenix.

Second Team — Tes Hart, jr., Hidden Valley; Olivia Sanchez, fr., Phoenix; Chloe Wilson, sr., Hidden Valley.

Honorable Mention — Jenny LaRue, sr., Hidden Valley; Kylee Burks, fr., Phoenix.


First Team — Aaron Ghiglieri, jr., Cascade Christian.

Honorable Mention — Killian Omotoy, jr., Jeoff Underwood, jr., Phoenix.

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