Starters chosen for tonight's MT All-Star games at Central Medford High

Starters have been determined for the 10th annual Mail Tribune All-Star Basketball Classic tonight at Central Medford High School, 815 S. Oakdale Ave.

The high school showcase games are at 6 p.m. for the girls and 7:30 p.m. for the boys.

There were 12,769 votes cast in online fan voting, which ended at noon today.

The leading boy and girl vote-getters, respectively, were Eagle Point’s Mario Quintero (4,142) and Cascade Christian’s Emily Stephens (2,623).

Here are the starters for each team, and their vote totals:

Rogue Boys

Joel McLemore, Cascade Christian, 2,111

Peyton Fuller, Ashland, 979

Kiefer Edwards, Crater, 959

Kaleb Franklin, South Medford, 956

Brad Allen, North Medford, 913

Siskiyou Boys

Mario Quintero, Eagle Point, 4,142

Riley Martin, South Medford, 1,014

Kaison Faust, North Medford, 839

Mason Vranes, Crater, 783

Bryce Bramscher, St. Mary’s, 648

Rogue Girls

Emily Stephens, Cascade Christian, 2,623

Carlene Hart, Eagle Point, 1,845

Rylee Karrick, North Medford, 1,578

Evie Kent, Crater, 1,140

Ula Chamberlin, South Medford, 1,031

Siskiyou Girls

Sydney Gray, Crater, 1,505

Kaylene Ritter, Phoenix, 1,085

Jonnay Foote, South Medford, 1,049

Megan Fossen, North Medford, 1,016

Lauren Orndoff, South Medford, 995



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