St. Mary's girls grab District 4 all-star honors

District 4 undefeated girls soccer champion St. Mary's placed five players the all-star first team and shared coach of the year and goalkeeper of the year honors.

Crusader coach Dave Potter and Dick Matti of Illinois Valley were selected as co-coaches of the year and St. Mary's sophomore Viv Juncal was recognized a goalie of the year along with Hayley Livingston of Glide. Caroline Brown of Glide was the player of the year.

The Crusaders first team all-league picks are senior defender McKenna Barnum, junior midfielder Rachel Raniele, senior midfielder Amber Moore, freshman midfielder/forward Marybeth Barnum and Juncal.

Katelyn Stephens, a junior midfielder/forward from Cascade Christian, and Illinois Valley junior forward Amanda Brooks were tabbed as first teamers.

In boys, St. Mary's had two first-team picks and Illinois Valley and Rogue River placed one player each on the first team.

For the Crusaders, Michael Gambee, a junior midfielder, and senior defender Renzo Marchini were first teamers. Junior midfielder Terry Schmidt of Rogue River and Illinois Valley junior midfielder Keith Lewin received spots on the first team.

District 4 Girls All Stars


Player, School Pos. Yr.

Caroline Brown, Glide Mid. Sr.

McKenna Barnum, St. Mary's Def. Sr.

Rachel Raniele, St. Mary's Mid. Jr.

Kali Vickery, Glide Fwd. So.

Alex Haug, Cas. Ch.. Fwd/Mid. Jr.

Amanda Brooks, Ill. Valley Fwd. Jr.

Katelyn Stephens, Cas. Ch. Fwd/Mid. Jr.

Madison Gladding, Glide Swepper Sr.

Amber Moore, St. Mary's Mid. Sr.

Marybeth Barnum, St. Mary's Mid/Fwd. Fr.

Viv Juncal, St. Mary's GK So.

Hayley Livingston, Glide GK So.

Player of the Year — Caroline Brown, Glide

Co-Coach of the Year — Dave Potter, St. Mary's and Dick Matti, Illinois Valley

Co-Keeper of the Year — Viv Juncal, St. Mary's and Hayley Livingston, Glide


Erika Peterson, St. Mary's Mid. Sr.

Samantha Weiland, St. Mary's Def. Jr.

Lilli Knudsen, St. Mary's Fwd. So.

Savanah Epinosa, Glide Stopper So.

Savanah Poston, Rog. River Mid. Sr.

Lacey Reen, Cas. Ch Mid. Jr.

Julian Emard, Cas. Ch Def. Jr.

Kaitlyn Vian, Glide Mid. Jr.

Shelby Thompson, Glide Fwd. Jr.

Kendra Ferry, Ill. Valley Mid. So.


Jessica Fisher, Rogue River, Sr.; Mikenna Conway, St. Mary's, Sr.; Amanda Hatley, Glide, Jr.; Sandee Shelton, Cascade Christian, Jr.; Jessica Weber, Cascade Christian, So.; Katelyn Fitch, Cascade Christian, Jr.; Kimberly Crow, Illinois Valley, Jr.; Miliya Stewart, Illinois Valley, Jr.; Chawna Crawford, Illinois Valley, So.; Alex Manninen, Illinois Valley, Sr.; Kailin Honea, Rogue River, Sr.; Sequoia Poston, Rogue River, Fr.

District 4 Boys All Stars


Player, School Pos. Yr.

Clment Dushimimana, Ca. Ch. Mid. Jr.

Joel Graham, UVC Mid. Sr.

Cody Hamilton, Lakeview Fwd. So.

Emanuel Stand, Ca. Ch. Striker Sr.

Michael Gambee, St. Mary's.. Mid. Jr.

Renzo Marchini, St. Mary's Def. Sr.

Keith Lewin, Ill. Valley Mid. Jr.

Terry Schmidt, Rog. River Mid. Jr.

John Giraudo, UVC Fwd. So.

Myles Toman, Creswell Fwd. Sr.

Selvin Santos, Creswell GK Sr.

Player of the Year — Clement Dushimimana, Canyonville Christian

Coach of the Year — Mike Stansberry, Canyonville Christian

Keeper of the Year — Selvin Santos, Creswell


Connor Lysne, Lakeview Def. So.

Nate Wayda, Cas. Ch Def. So.

Shawn Donahue, Rog. River Mid. Sr.

Allen Garcia, Cas. Ch Fwd. Jr.

Daniel Soloshenko, Ca. Ch Mid. Jr.

Jessie Nicholl, Lakeview Mid. Sr.

Abraham Orozco, Lakeview Fwd. So.

Tracy Salgado, St. Mary's Mid. Jr.

Ivan Sandrali, Ca. Ch Sweeper Jr.

Bailey Adams, UVC Sweeper So.

Derek Reynolds, St. Mary's GK Sr.


Chris Lee, Canyonville Christian, Jr.; Santiago Villa, Canyonville Christian, So.; Caleb Masasu, Canyonville Christian, Jr.; Serge Sandrali, Canyonville Christian, Jr.; Jack Yoo, Canyonville Christian, Jr.; Dominic Leal, Lakeview, Fr.; Tristan Withham, Lakeview, Jr.; Simon Blaine, Lakeview, Fr.; Tyler Ball, Lakeview, Sr.; Eric Batdorf, UVC, Sr.; Hunter Bancroft, UVC, So.; David Hand, UVC, Jr.; Cooper Tharp, UVC, So.; Garrett Brint, UVC, Jr.; Avery Kerwin, St. Mary's, So.; Sam Becker, St. Mary's, So.; Brandon Kynsi, Rogue River, Sr.; Jonathon Graham, Rogue River, So.; Cole McFetridge, Rogue River, Jr.; Tyler Andrews, Illinois Valley, Sr.; Boaz Dillon, Illinois Valley, Jr.; Lander Nordal, Illinois Valley, Jr.; Ethan Clark, Illinois Valley, Fr.; Brian Cantoran, Creswell, So.; Junior Hernandez, Creswell, Sr.; Jake Bowker, Cascade Christian, Fr.; Christian McPherson, Cacade Christian, Sr.; Kaleb Hiderck, Glide, Fr.; Mikel Farley, Glide, Jr.; Cameron Middleton, Glide, Sr.

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