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Mazama leads way in Skyline all-star football voting

League-champion Mazama won or shared every major award in Skyline Conference football all-star voting.

Mazama senior running back Chris Zakour was named the league’s offensive player of the year, Mazama senior linebacker shared the defensive player of the year award with Klamath Union senior linebacker Jagger Hogan and Mazama’s Vic Lease was named the coach of the year.

Phoenix had six all-star nods on defense and three on offense. Earning first-team honors for the Pirates were senior Jack Hawkins, who was a first-team receiver on offense and defensive hawk on the other side of the ball, senior offensive lineman Seth Firestone and junior linebacker Mike Walker.

Mazama, which went 4-0 in league play, led the way with eight first-team selections.

All-Skyline Football

Offensive player of the year: Chris Zakour, sr., Mazama.

Co-defensive players of the year: Jagger Hogan, sr., Klamath Union; Jake Healy, sr., Mazama.

Coach of the Year: Vic Lease, Mazama.



OFFENSIVE LINE: Jagger Hogan, sr., Klamath Union; Christian Kasper, sr., Mazama; Zach Coon, sr., Mazama; Zach Farmer, sr., North Valley; Seth Firestone, sr., Phoenix.

RUNNING BACK: Izak Peterson, sr., Klamath Union; Chris Zakour, sr., Mazama; Austin Gray, jr., North Valley.

RECEIVER: Jack Hawkins, sr., Phoenix; Sam Dixon, jr., Henley; Jayce Turner, sr., Klamath Union.

QUARTERBACK: Nate Beck, jr., Mazama.

PLACEKICKER: Brian Baker, sr., Henley.


DEFENSIVE LINE: Zach Farmer, sr., North Valley; Darius Holmes, jr., Klamath Union; Zach Coon, sr., Mazama; Christian Kasper, sr., Mazama.

LINEBACKER: Jake Healy, sr., Mazama; Jagger Hogan, sr., Klamath Union; John Tacchini, jr., Henley; Mike Walker, jr., Phoenix.

DEFENSIVE BACK: Cameron Taylor, sr., Klamath Union; Zach Gibson, sr., Mazama; Toren Tuttle, jr., North Valley; Jack Hawkins, sr., Phoenix.

PUNTER: Darius Holmes, jr., Klamath Union.



OFFENSIVE LINE: Braden Lawrie, jr., Henley; Trenton Higgins, sr., Klamath Union; Isaac Hagerty, jr., Mazama; Brandon Farris, sr., North Valley; Ariel Lopez, sr., Phoenix.

RUNNING BACK: Kaden Wood, sr., Mazama; Elijah Colas, jr., North Valley; John Tacchini, jr., Henley.

RECEIVER: Zach Gibson, sr., Mazama; Cameron O’Connor, jr., Henley; Darius Holmes, jr., Klamath Union.

QUARTERBACK: Xavier Arvizu, jr., Klamath Union.

PLACEKICKER: Kya Hammersley, so., Klamath Union.


DEFENSIVE LINE: KC Comyford, jr., North Valley; Seth Firestone, sr., Phoenix; Braden Lawrie, jr., Henley; Josh Schneider, sr., Henley.

LINEBACKER: Izak Peterson, sr., Klamath Union; Jason Robidou, sr., Phoenix; Ben Hoegee, jr., Mazama; Drew Hansen, jr., North Valley.

DEFENSIVE BACK: Dalton Samis, sr., Phoenix; Cole Bosterhous, so., Mazama; Leighton Alexander, sr., Mazama; Jayce Turner, sr., Klamath Union.

PUNTER: Nikolus Goff, jr., Phoenix.



OFFENSIVE LINE: James Hasskamp, jr., Henley; AJ Smith, sr., North Valley; Cade Wynne, so., Mazama; Dominic McGee, jr., Phoenix; Brandyn Lagan, jr., North Valley.

RUNNING BACK: Cameron Taylor, sr., Klamath Union; Mateo Lopez, jr., Phoenix.

RECEIVER: Nikolus Goff, jr., Phoenix.

QUARTERBACK: Toren Tuttle, jr., North Valley.

PLACEKICKER: Maddie Lease, sr., Mazama.


DEFENSIVE LINE: Joe Northcutt, so., Henley; IJ Gonzalez, sr., Mazama; Isaac Hagerty, jr., Mazama; Aiden Avila, jr., North Valley; Mike Sierra, sr., Henley.

LINEBACKER: Tyson Garcia, jr., North Valley; Brandon Kesterson, sr., Henley; Cadence Baltz, jr., Mazama; Joey Wilson, sr., Phoenix; Dylan Sreniawski, so., Henley; Joshua Yeaman, sr., Klamath Union; Cooper Hamilton, jr., Mazama.

DEFENSIVE BACK: Elijah Colas, jr., North Valley; Cameron Cory, jr., Phoenix; Sawyer Harrington, jr., Henley; Zach Hill, jr., Klamath Union; Isaiah Huck, sr., Klamath Union; Josiah Bergquist, jr., North Valley; Tristen Lee, so., Mazama.

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