IV boys, St. Mary's girls reap honors

The two undefeated league champions in boys and girls Southern Cascade Hybrid basketball claimed the top honors in all-league voting by the coaches.

Illinois Valley senior wing Roger Hults and coach Jeff Winters were named boys player and coach of the year.

On the girls side, St. Mary's senior forward Mackenzie Krieser was player of the year, while her mentor, Rick Jackson, shared the coaching honor with Cascade Christian's Marvin Denman.

The IV and St. Mary's title winners were both 8-0 in league.


First Team

Roger Hults, sr., Illinois Valley; Eric Morse, jr., Cascade Christian; Fred Hults, jr., Illinois Valley; Bryce Davis, jr., Lakeview; Jesse Bethke, sr., Illinois Valley; Terry Cahill, jr., Lakeview.

Player of the year — Roger Hults, Illinois Valley.

Coach of the year — Jeff Winters, Illinois Valley.

Second Team

Mason Smith, sr, Cascade Christian; Riley Parsons, jr., St. Mary's; Wyatt Sosey, sr., Cascade Christian; Daniel Varela, sr., Rogue River; Davis Siliga, jr., Cascade Christian.

Honorable Mention

Tyler Donahue, sr., Rogue River; Lane Roseberrry, jr., Lakeview; Tyler Robbins, jr., Illinois Valley; Andrew McLaughlin, jr., Illinois Valley; Ryan Ross, so., St. Mary's; Keith Frank, jr., Lakeview; Josh Free, jr., Illinois Valley; Addison Smith, sr., Cascade Christian; Noah Conway, sr., St. Mary's; Jerry Ayer, sr., Rogue River.


First Team

Mackenzie Krieser, sr., St. Mary's; Kylee Adderson, sr., St. Mary's; Alli Erhardt, jr., Rogue River; Aleena Cesaro, sr., Cascade Christian; Katie Aguilar, jr., Cascade Christian; Kinsey Seaton, sr., Lakeview.

Player of the year — Mackenzie Krieser, St. Mary's.

Coaches of the year — Rick Jackson, St. Mary's; Marvin Denman, Cascade Christian.

Second Team

Kelly Maxey, jr., Rogue River; Jamee Batten, sr., St. Mary's; Abby Steinsiek, sr., St. Mary's; Laurissa Tausaga, sr., Illinois Valley; Katie Stofleth, sr., Lakeview.

Honorable Mention

Veronica Martinez, sr., Cascade Christian; Emily Alvarez, fr., St. Mary's; Joanne Jessee, jr., Rogue River; Katie Hall, sr., Lakeview; Jordan Martinez, jr., Cascade Christian; Kristen Vidales, jr., Illinois Valley; Domonique Valdez, sr., St. Mary's; Megan Higday, jr., Cascade Christian; Donna Cahill, sr., Lakeview; Jessa Fricke, sr., Rogue River.

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