Grizzlies' Ostmo heads all-league selections

Christian Ostmo, a senior lineman for Ashland, earned first-team accolades on both sides of the ball in Midwestern League all-conference football voting.

Ashland and Eagle Point played a full schedule in the conference but their games didn't count.

Ashland tackle Sam Cowan also made the first-team offense.

On defense, first-teamers included Ashland back Lee Dodds and Eagle Point lineman Tyrone Holmes, linebacker Tyler McFall, special teams player Aaron Foster and punter Jake Shaffer.


First Team

C — Christian Ostmo, Ashland Sr.

G — Logan Mayes, Marist Sr.

G — Clanton Self, Springfield Jr.

T — Sam Cowan, Ashland Sr.

T — Matthew Devereux, Marist Sr.

IN. REC. — John Davidson, Springfield Sr.

IN. REC. — Deaunte Brown, Willamette Sr.

OUT. REC. — Brandon Determan, Churchill Sr.

OUT. REC. — Taylor Walcott, Marist Jr.

QB — Logan Silver, Marist Sr.

RB — Ryan Scoville, Marshfield Sr.

RB — Thomas Spikes, Springfield Sr.

K — Carson Kiesewetter, Marist Sr.

MVP — Logan Silver, Marist

Coach of the Year — Frank Geske, Marist

Second Team

C — Chris Bender, Marist Sr.

G — Kevin Schilling, Ashland Sr.

G — Christian Adams, Churchill Sr.

T — Zach Swan, Churchill Sr.

T — Tyrone Holmes, Eagle Point Jr.

IN. REC. — Joey Moore, Churchill Sr.

IN. REC. — Aaron Foster, Eagle Point Sr.

OUT. REC. — Austin Baird, Marist So.

OUT. REC. — Cameron Koehler, Willamette, Sr.

QB — Jake Scarminach, Ashland, Sr.

RB — Jakson Volz,Ashland Sr.

RB — Aaron Ingram, Churchill Jr.

K — Joey Moore, Churchill Sr.


First Team

DL — Christian Ostmo, Ashland Sr.

DL — Dan Koffler, Churchill Sr.

DL — Tyrone Holmes, Eagle Point Jr.

DL — Matthew Devereux, Marist Sr.

ILB — Tyler McFall, Eagle Point Sr.

ILB — Will Swindling, Marist Sr.

OLB — Nick Bell, Churchill Sr.

OLB — Logan Mayes, Marist Sr.

DB — Lee Dodds, Ashland Sr.

DB — Spencer Savelich, Churchill Sr.

DB — Ryan Inouye, Marist Sr.

DB — Matt Beattie, Marist Sr.

ST — Aaron Foster, Eagle Point sr.

P — Jake Shaffer, Eagle Point Sr.

MVP — Logan Mayes, Marist

Second Team

DL — Alec Ralston, Ashland, Jr.

DL — Aaron Nelson, Churchill Sr.

DL — Kevin Haskin, Marist Sr.

DL — Skyler Randall, Marshfield Sr.

ILB — Kingsley Nkwanta, Churchill Sr.

ILB — Carson Kiesewetter, Marist Sr.

ILB — Tyler Davidson, Marshfield Sr.

OLB — David Skinner, Ashland Sr.

OLB — Brady Chiongbian, Marist Sr.

DB — Talen Heater, Ashland Sr.

DB — Zach Reed, Eagle Point Jr.

DB — Ryan Scoville, Marshfield Sr.

DB — John Emerald, Springfield So.

P — Colton Bowden, Marist Jr.


Isias Giron, C, Springfield, jr.; Andres, Gutierrez, G, Ashland, jr.; JT Rogers, G, Eagle Point, sr.; Bryan Strong, G, Eagle Point, jr.; Mitch Olive, G, Marist, jr.; Mark Mmari, T, Churchill, sr.; Paxton Miller, T, Marist, jr.; Jorgen Mulkey, T, Marshfield, sr.; Aaron Warkentin, T, Springfield, sr.; Tyler Johnson, T, Willamette, so.; Franklin Lime, In. Rec., Ashland, jr.; Josh Paiement, In. Rec., Marist, sr.; Dalton Milburn, In. Rec., Marshfield, jr.; Colin Mender, In. Rec., North Eugene, sr.; Lee Dodds, Out. Rec., Ashland, sr.; Talen Heater, Out. Rec., Ashland, sr.; Spencer Savelich, Out. Rec., Churchill, sr.; Garrett Snow, RB, Eagle Point, jr.; Skyler Mohr, RB, Willamette, sr.; Derek Godfrey, QB, Churchill, sr.; Shane Bluhm, QB, Eagle Point, sr.; Levi Green, QB, Springfield, sr.; Kamerun Smith, QB, Willamette, so.; Brandon Steelye, K, Eagle Point, sr.; Ashton Summer, K, Springfield, so.

Brady Thomas, DL, Ashland, sr.; Gavin Cowles, DL, Churchill, so.; Josh Robinson, DL, Eagle Point, sr.; Paxton Miller, DL, Marist, jr.; Mason Montgomer, ILB, Ashland, fr.; Jacob Aguillar, ILB, Churchill, sr.; Eric Diaz, ILB, Springfield, sr.; Christian Morrison, OLB, Ashland, sr.; Zach Swan, OLB, Churchill, sr.; Daniel Morgan, OLB, Eagle Point, jr.; Tyler Johnson, OLB, Willamette, so.; Jack McCoy, DB, Ashland, jr.; Jacob Dezarn, DB, Churchill, jr.; Devon Adams, DB, Eagle Point, jr.; Riley Kulm, DB, Marist, sr.; Cody Krook, DB, Marshfield, sr.; Kyle George, DB, Springfield, sr.; Franklin Lime, P, Ashland, jr.; Spencer Savelich, P, Churchill, sr.

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