Delaney, Jordan triumph at SWC meet

EUGENE — Piper Delaney and Drew Jordan used different tactics but both methods proved successful at the Southwest Conference cross country district meet Saturday afternoon.

South Medford's Delaney and Jordan of North Medford won the girls and boys individual titles, respectively, and led their respective squads to a second-place finish. South Eugene won the boys and girls team titles.

The top two teams and the next four individuals not on those teams advance to the Class 6A state meet at Lane Community College in Eugene next Saturday.

Delaney changed her strategy on the fly and it proved to be the correct instinct. The Panther senior, who was third at last year's district meet, built a big lead with a faster than expected pace and defeated defending champion, Sasha Teninty of South Eugene, by nearly 25 seconds. Delaney's winning time was 18 minutes, 52 seconds on Pre's Trail at Alton Baker Park.

Roseburg's Bryanna Oelrich, who was runner-up in 2007, finished third (19:40).

"I didn't really follow my strategy," admitted Delaney. "The plan was to go out slower with everyone and then at mile 1 go hard but I was really excited and happy to go so I went real hard. It worked for me luckily."

Delaney remained aware of Teninty, who was in second place, throughout the 5K race.

"I was really worried because Sasha has a great kick as I've learned in track," said Delaney. "I was worried she was going to catch me because she can sprint like no other. At the turns, I'd turn around because I knew she could sprint so I was nervous."

The Panthers, who were edged out by one point (33-34) for the crown, received big performances from Kelsey Bradshaw (fifth place) and Lauren Morgan (sixth).

Meanwhile, Jordan exhibited patience and discipline in winning the boys 5K with a time of 16:15.

South Eugene's Eamonn Kerr-Daily finished second (16:18) and pre-meet favorite Sammy Kirtner of South Eugene, who has the state's top 6A time of 15:34 this season, placed third (16:20).

The race leaders remained grouped together with a 51/2-minute pace through the first mile. Kirtner made a move for some separation after the second mile. Jordan also picked up the tempo and the Black Tornado junior passed Kirtner for the lead.

Jordan's decision to go to the front proved to be the correct one and he held off any challenge from the two Axemen runners.

"I think I'm pretty good at grinding the pace, but I don't like being bait for everyone," Jordan said. "I feel like that is harder on me than it needs to be. The goal for the day was to win, so tactical worked pretty well. I knew something would happen at the 2-mile mark and it would get going pretty quick, so I wasn't worried about the pack."

Victorious South Eugene scored 43 points to 49 for the second-place Black Tornado, who were also the conference runner-up last year.

North got important contributions from sophomore David Huddleston (fifth place) and junior Ammon Ebert (sixth).

Southwest Conference Results


TEAM SCORES — South Eugene 43, North Medford 49, Sheldon 52, Roseburg 98, South Medford 128, Grants Pass 157.

INDIVIDUAL RESULTS — 1, Drew Jordan, NM, 16:15; 2, Eamonn Kerr-Daly, SE, 16:18; 3, Sammy Kirtner, SE, 16:20; x-4, Matthew Melancon, She, 16:32; 5, David Huddleston, NM, 16:55; 6, Ammon Ebert, NM, 17:03; 7, Scott McCann, SE, 17:04; x-8, Dan Faas, Ros, 17:07; x-9, Logan Osterhout, She, 17:15; x-10, Caleb Patrick, She, 17:18.

11, Hayden Randall, She, 17:20; 12, Christian Welsh, SM, 17:24; 13, Drew Van Anrooy, Ros, 17:25; 14, Stephen Cruz, Ros, 17:27; 15, Brian Leeson, SE, 17:27; 16, Simon Leach, SE, 17:30; 17, Blake Durkee, NM, 17:33; 18, Todd Moore, She, 17:38; 19, Michael Urioste, She, 17:39; 20, Nick Sharpe, NM, 17:40; 21, Brad Gissel, SE, 17:55; 22, Chaz Shand, NM, 17:56; 23, Taylor Spencer, SM, 18:05; 24, Ben Paul, NM, 18:06; 25, Daniel Bellissimo, SE, 18:12.


TEAM SCORES — South Eugene 33, South Medford 34, North Medford 87, Roseburg 87, Sheldon 110, Grants Pass incomplete.

INDIVIDUAL RESULTS — 1, Piper Delaney, SM, 18:52; 2, Sasha Teninty, SE, 19:16; x-3, Bryanna Oelrich, Ros, 19:40; 4, Paige Kouba, SE, 19:48; 5, Kelsey Bradshaw, SM, 19:56; 6, Lauren Morgan, SM, 20:07; 7, Rachel Parker, SE, 20:17; x-8, Sammy Pettibone, Ros, 20:19; 9, Nora Wilson, SE, 20:21; 10, Devon Armstrong, SM, 20:26.

11, Amelia Helmick, SE, 20:31; 12, Riley Morgan, SM, 20:38; x-13, Brenna Phelps, NM, 20:43; x-14, Coral McKibben, She, 20:4; 15, Kylie Biondi, NM, 20:46; 16, Alia Mowery, SE, 20:50; 17, Lauren Graebner, SE, 21:06; 18, Baylee Hearns, NM, 21:30; 19, Jennifer Zhu, NM, 21:33; 20, Hannah Albright, She, 21:44; 21, Madison Dunne, She, 21:47; 22, Jennifer Berry, NM, 21:52; 23, Erica Chelgren, SM, 22:05; 24, Chelsea Wright, GP, 22:06; 25, Alex Bing, Ros, 22:10.

x — state qualifier

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