Crusaders load up on conference honors

St. Mary's senior midfielder Rachel Raniele was named the District 4 player of the year, junior teammate Viv Juncal claimed goalkeeper of the year honors for a second year and the Crusaders' Dave Potter repeated as coach of the year.

League champion St. Mary's finished 13-2-2 and fell to Oregon Episcopal, 1-0, in the Class 3A/2A/1A state semifinals.

The Crusaders' other first-team picks were junior defender Rose Alvarez, junior defender/midfielder Emily Frank, sophomore forward Emily Elmore and sophomore midfielder MaryBeth Barnum.

Also making the first-team list were Cascade Christian junior midfielder Cheyanne Auchard and senior midfielder Katelyn Stephens, Illinois Valley senior forward Amanda Brooks and Rogue River sophomore midfielder Sequoia Poston.

On the boys side, senior midfielder Tracy Salgado and senior defender William Lee were first-team honorees for the Crusaders, who went 11-3-2 and lost to Oregon Episcopal, 2-1, in the 3A/2A/1A final.

Raniele (who had two goals and seven assists this season) and Barnum controlled the midfield all year long.

"What they do in combination off each other, creating opportunities for other players, can not be measured in a statistic," Potter said. "They just own the ball and the middle of the field. When you talk Rachel, you don't think in terms of goals scored. To me, she is my Carlos Valderrama."

Juncal was recognized as goalie of the year along with Hayley Livingston of Glide last fall and was valuable in a different way for the Crusaders this season, Potter said.

"Because of our defensive players, she didn't get to handle the ball with her hands much," Potter said. "She handled it with her feet. She became an integral part of our attacking system because we played it back to her quite often. Viv made no more than six saves all year. That tells you something about our defenders on our team ... we played the ball to her more often than anyone on the field."

Alvarez, Frank, Sam Weiland (second team) and Sophia Dewing (second team) formed a nearly unbreakable wall, Potter said.

"Those were the most solid four defenders I've had as far as skill and speed go since our 2003 state championship team," Potter said. "These four did everything right. They had a unity between them that was impenetrable."



Clement Dushimimana, MF, Sr., Canyonville Christian; Cody Hamilton, F, Jr., Lakeview; Tracy Salgado, M, Sr., St. Mary's; John Giraudo, F/MF, Jr., Umpqua Valley Christian; Brian Cantoran, M, Jr., Creswell; William Lee, D, Sr., St. Mary's; Daniel Soloshenko, M, Sr., Canyonville Christian; Ivan Sandrali, D, Jr., Canyonville Christian; Liam O'Connor, M, Fr., Creswell; Jacob Fricke, GK, Jr., Glide; Connor Lysne, D, Jr., Lakeview.

Player of the year — Clement Dushimimana, Canyonville Christian.

Coach of the year — Eric Payne, Canyonville Christian and Jim Nicholl, Lakeview.

Goalkeeper of the year — Jacob Fricke, Glide.


Hunter Bancroft, F/MF, Jr., Umpqua Valley Christian; Keith Lewin, M, Sr., Illinois Valley; Nate Wayda, D, Jr., Cascade Christian; Simon Ballaine, GK, So., Lakeview; Joshua Lezcano, D/MF, Fr., Creswell; Alec Robertson, M, So., St. Mary's; Tristan Witham, F, Sr., Lakeview; Nate Cagle, D, Jr., Umpqua Valley Christian; Michael Gambee, M, Sr., St. Mary's; Jeremy Wu, D, Jr., St. Mary's; Garrett Brint, D/MF, Sr., Umpqua Valley Christian; Bayley Adams, D, Jr., Umpqua Valley Christian.


Gabriel Martin, F/MF, Jr., Canyonville Christian; Serge Sandrali, M/GK, Fr., Canyonville Christian; Ivan Chu, D, Sr., Canyonville Christian; Jack Yoo, D, Sr., Canyonville Christian; Wayne Poon, MF/F, Sr., Canyonville Christian; Jase Artale, M, Jr., Cascade Christian; Kallen Rechberg, M, So., Cascade Christian; David Jamie-Ruiz, D, So., Creswell; Anthony New, D, Jr., Creswell; Henrik Dahihaus, F/MF, So., Creswell; John Black, CB, Sr., Glide; Elijah Hawkins, LB/MF, Sr., Glide; Lander Nordal, S, Sr., Illinois Valley; Bryce Gardenhire, GK, Sr., Illinois Valley; Dominic Leal, MF, So., Lakeview; Abraham Orozco, F, Jr., Lakeview; Kyle Stanton, D, Jr., Lakeview; Nate Hoyt, D, Sr., St. Mary's; Sam Becker, M, Jr., St. Mary's; Avery Kerwin, M, Jr., St. Mary's; Hunter Rothfus, F, So., St. Mary's; David Hand, M, Sr., Umpqua Valley Christian; Cooper Tharp, GK, Jr., Umpqua Valley Christian; Boaz Dillon, M, Sr., Illinois Valley.



Rachel Raniele, M, Sr., St. Mary's; Kali Vickery, F, Jr., Glide; Cheyanne Auchard, M, Jr., Cascade Christian; Rose Alvarez, D, Jr., St. Mary's; Katelyn Stephens, M, Sr., Cascade Christian; Emily Frank, D/MF, Jr., St. Mary's; MaryBeth Barnum, M, So., St. Mary's; Amanda Brooks, F, Sr., Illinois Valley; Emily Elmore, F, So., St. Mary's; Sequoia Poston, M, So., Rogue River; Viv Juncal, GK, Jr., St. Mary's.

Player of the year — Rachel Raniele, St. Mary's.

Coach of the year — Dave Potter, St. Mary's.

Goalkeeper of the year — Viv Juncal, St. Mary's.


Alex Haug, F, Sr., Cascade Christian; Shelby Thompson, F, Sr., Glide; Savanah Espinosa, S/C, Jr., Glide; Keelie Worthington, D, So., Rogue River; Sam Weiland, D, Sr., St. Mary's; Kaitlyn Vian, C/S, Sr., Glide; Sophia Dewing, D, Jr., St. Mary's; Lacey Reen, M, Sr., Cascade Christian; Kimberly Crow, S, Sr., Illinois Valley; Kendra Ferry, MF, Jr., Illinois Valley; Marina Brazeal, MF, Sr., Lakeview; Hayley Livingston, GK, Jr., Glide.


Katelyn Fitch, MF, Sr., Cascade Christian; Jillian Emard, D, Jr., Cascade Christian; Jessica Weber, GK, Jr., Cascade Christian; Danielle Schlager, MF, So., Glide; Amanda Hatley, D, Sr., Glide; Kynan Nordal, S, So., Illinois Valley; Aundrea Miller, MF, Fr., Illinois Valley; Annie Teehan, F, So., Rogue River; Irenna Stiebs, F, So., Rogue River; Larissa Hamilton, M, So., Rogue River; Trenna Moody, LFB, Sr., Lakeview; Rosa Alcala, S, Jr., Lakeview; Emily Alvarez, F, Sr., St. Mary's; Lilli Knudsen, F, Jr., St. Mary's; Kelly Bales, S, Sr., Cascade Christian; Edilet Rodriguez, MF, Sr., Illinois Valley; Sharlina Kramer, D, Sr., Glide; Abby Coughlin, MF, Jr., St. Mary's.

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