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Challengers sweep top SCL awards

Staff reports

Cascade Christian swept the major individual honors and led the Southern Cascade League with five all-conference selections in the league’s all-star voting, conducted by SCL coaches.

Earning the league’s highest honors for the Challengers were Pitcher of the Year Kyle Reece, Defensive Player of the Year Gunnar Thompson, a catcher, and Silver Slugger Joel McLemore — he tied for the award with Lakeview’s Jalen Lampman.

Also for the Challengers, Cascade Christian coach Jeff Letendre was named co-Coach of the Year along with Rogue River’s Nic Macuk.

The SCL-champion Challengers, who finished 15-9 after falling to Santiam Christian in the Class 3A state quarterfinals, had one-third of the 15 all-league selections after going 11-1 in league play to best second-place Rogue River (14-9, 8-4 SCL) by three games.

Earning all-league honors for CC were Reece, Thompson, shortstop/pitcher McLemore, and outfielders Sam Martin and Davis Federico.

Rogue River, which fell to Santiam Christian in the first round of the playoffs, had four all-star picks: catcher Jacob Tomellini, shortstop/pitcher Derek Nelson, second baseman/pitcher Henry Black and infielder/outfielder Cameron Hooker.


PITCHER OF THE YEAR: Kyle Reece, sr., Cascade Christian.

DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Gunnar Thompson, sr., Cascade Christian.

SILVER SLUGGERS: Joel McLemore, sr., Cascade Christian; Jalen Lampman, so., Lakeview.

COACHES OF THE YEAR: Jeff Letendre, Cascade Christian; Nic Macuk, Rogue River.

First Team

Joel McLemore, sr., Cascade Christian; Gunnar Thompson, sr., Cascade Christian; Kyle Reece, sr., Cascade Christian; Sam Martin, fr., Cascade Christian; Davis Federico, fr., Cascade Christian; Jacob Tomellini, sr., Rogue River; Derek Nelson, jr., Rogue River; Henry Black, sr., Rogue River; Cameron Hooker, jr., Rogue River; Alex Smith, jr., Lakeview; Jalen Lampman, so., Lakeview; Dayton Alves, fr., Lakeview; Rayes Dugas, jr., Illinois Valley; Bryce Bruner, jr., Illinois Valley; Colby Aldrich, so., St. Mary’s; Caleb Knight, sr., Cascade Christian; Riley Shullanberger, Lost River.

Honorable Mention

Jadon Rullamas, so., Cascade Christian; Jose Chavez, jr., Rogue River; Nolan Peterson, jr., Lakeview; Andrew Bell, sr., Illinois Valley; Aliiloa Kaeo-Wailehua, so., St. Mary’s.


SCL ALL STARS: Southern Cascade League-champion Cascade Christian won the top individual awards and had six players voted to the league’s all-star team.

The Challengers’ freshman right-hander Katelyn Willard was named the league’s Pitcher of the Year and Silver Slugger, and freshman catcher Ali Modrell its Defensive Player of the Year.

Cascade Christian’s SCL all-star picks were Willard, Modrell, junior shortstop Mia Mayben, junior infielder Mallory Meilicke, freshman infielder/outfifelder Rebecca Clark and sophomore utility player Megan Reed.

Representing Rogue River, which finished second in the league to Cascade Christian, were senior Kobi Gibson, senior Zoe Reeder, junior Jesse Langfield and junior designated hitter Jillian Steinbrook-Cory.


PITCHER OF THE YEAR: Katelyn Willard, fr., Cascade Christian.

DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Ali Modrell, fr., Cascade Christian.

SILVER SLUGGER: Katelyn Williard, fr., Cascade Christian.

COACH OF THE YEAR: Sam Damuth, Lakeview.

First Team

Katelyn Willard, fr., Cascade Christian; Mia Mayben, jr., Cascade Christian; Ali Modrell, fr., Cascade Christian; Mallory Meilicke, jr., Cascade Christian; Rebecca Clark, fr., Cascade Christian; Megan Reed, so., Cascade Christian; Alyson Yates, so., Lakeview; Lizzy Ramsey, sr., Lakeview; Cheyenne Evans, sr., Lakeview; Hannah Suba, so., Lakeview; Kobi Gibson, sr., Rogue River; Zoe Reeder, sr., Rogue River; Jesse Langfield, jr., Rogue River; Jillian Steinbrook-Cory, jr., Rogue River; Mallorie Menning, so., Illinois Valley.

Honorable Mention

Kara Palmer, fr., Cascade Christian; Amanda Earnest, so., Rogue River; Jillian Steinbrook-Cory, jr., Rogue River; Bailee Moore, so., Illinois Valley; McKenzee Frederickson, jr., Illinois Valley.

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