Challengers dominate SCH voting

The undefeated Cascade Christian football team rolled home a barrel of Southern Cascade Hybrid accolades.

Senior running back Brandon Williams was named the Southern Cascade Hybrid player of the year, senior Daniel Grissom lineman of the year, senior Dane Scott defensive player of the year and Jon Gettman coach of the year.

The league champion Challengers (12-0) saw seven players land spots on the offensive first team: Williams, running back Levi Girardot, quarterback Daniel Scottow and linemen Grissom, Scott, Trenton Greisen and Aaron Cesaro.

On defense, linemen Greisen, Grissom and David Sellers, linebacker Scott and defensive backs Williams, Girardot and Cody Parker made the first team.

Williams was also named the first-team punter of the league.

Southern Cascade HybridFootball All Stars

COACH OF THE YEAR — Jon Gettman, Cascade Christian.


OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF YEAR — Brandon Williams, Cascade Christian.

LINEMAN OF YEAR — Daniel Grissom, Cascade Christian.

FIRST TEAM — Brandon Williams, RB, Cascade Christian, Sr.; Lane Hadley, RB, Lakeview, Jr.; Levi Girardot, RB, Cascade Christian, Sr.; Daniel Scottow, QB, Cascade Christian, Sr.; Mack Epple, WR, Illinois Valley, Sr.; Reed Martin, WR, Lakeview, Sr.; Seth Gretz, TE, Rogue River, Sr.; Daniel Grissom, OL, Cascade Christian, Sr.; Dane Scott, OL, Cascade Christian, Sr.; Matt Brock, OL, Illinois Valley, Sr.; Trenton Greisen, OL, Cascade Christian, Sr.; Aaron Cesaro, OL, Cascade Christian, Jr.

SECOND TEAM — Alex Valencia, RB, Rogue River, So.; Ben Manini, RB, Lakeview, Sr.; Josh Brite, RB, Cascade Christian, Sr.; Cody Clemons, QB, Lakeview, Sr.; Zach Welch, WR, Illinois Valley, Jr.; Murphy Cockrell, WR, Lakeview, Sr.; Chaise Robbins, TE, Illinois Valley, Jr.; Kade Doyle, OL, Illinois Valley, Jr.; Josh Anderson, OL, Rogue River, Sr.; Tony Frank, OL, Lakeview, Jr.; Danny Smith, OL, Lakeview, Jr.; Dillon Amerson, OL, Lakeview, Sr.

HONORABLE MENTION — Brennan Moody, OL, Rogue River, So.; Seth Knox, WR, Cascade Christian, Jr.; TJ Alvarez, OL, Cascade Christian, Jr.; Gabe Miller, RB, Illinois Valley, Sr.; Gregorio Duarte, OL, Illinois Valley, Sr.; Grady Vandenberg, Lakeview, Sr.; CJ Manning, QB, Illinois Valley, So.


DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF YEAR — Dane Scott, Cascade Christian.

FIRST TEAM — Chaise Robbins, DL, Illinois Valley, Jr.; David Sellers, DL, Cascade Christian, Jr.; Trenton Greisen, DL, Cascade Christian, Sr.; Daniel Grissom, DL, Cascade Christian, Sr.; Dane Scott, LB, Cascade Christian, Sr.; Danny Smith, LB, Lakeview, Jr.; Mack Epple, LB, Illinois Valley, Sr.; Lane Hadley, LB, Lakeview, Jr.; Brandon Williams, DB, Cascade Christian, Sr.; Andy Valencia, DB, Rogue River, Sr.; Levi Girardot, DB, Cascade Christian, Sr.; Cody Parker, DB, Cascade Christian, Jr.; Gabe Miller, DB, Illinois Valley, Sr.

SECOND TEAM — Martin McKay, DL, Lakeview, Sr.; Josh Anderson, DL, Rogue River, Sr.; Gregorio Duarte, LB, Illinois Valley, Sr.; Dante Olson, LB, Cascade Christian, So.; Andrew Smith, LB, Rogue River, Sr.; Luke Watkins, LB, Rogue River, Sr.; Tony Frank, LB, Lakeview, Sr.; Stephen Joffer, DB, Cascade Christian, Jr.; Murphy Cockrell, DB, Lakeview, Sr.; Nick Hoelzle, DB, Illinois Valley, Sr.

HONORABLE MENTION — TJ Hughey, LB, Illinois Valley, Jr.; Cody Wright, LB, Rogue River, So.; Saul Ballaine, LB, Lakeview, Jr.; Tim Martin, LB, Cascade Christian, Sr.; Tanner Parker, DL, Cascade Christian, Jr.


FIRST TEAM — Brandon Williams, Cascade Christian, Sr..

SECOND TEAM — Lane Hadley, Lakeview, Jr.


FIRST TEAM — Lane Hadley, Lakeview, Jr.


FIRST TEAM — Jovany Sanchez, Illinois Valley, Sr.

SECOND TEAM — Cody Parker, Cascade Christian, Jr.

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