Wauge registers modified win

WHITE CITY — Jacksonville's Mark Wauge took the lead on lap 20 of Saturday's 25 lap modified A main to claim his 13th win of the season and seventh at the Southern Oregon Speedway.

Next Saturday will be the final points race for the Lithia Toyota modifieds. Both Wauge and Matt Duste are in position to be crowned the 2012 modified champion.

Saturday's Results

Modified A Main — 1, Mark Wauge; 2, Justin Holt; 3, Travis Peery; 4, Jesse Bailey.

Modified Trophy Dash — 1, Matt Duste.

Dwarf Car A Main — 1, CJ Putnam; 2, Ryan Smith; 3, Brock Peters; 4, RJ McGuehey

Dwarf Car Trophy Dash — 1, Josh King.

Pro/Mod A Main — 1, Rob Fitzsimmons; 2, Andy Freeman; 3, Bob Nelsen; 4, Dwayne Melvin.

Pro/Mod Trophy Dash — 1, Andy Freeman.

Super 4's A Main — 1, Jamie Guider-Newberg; 2, Joe Guider; 3, Kathy Ingram.

Super 4's Trophy Dash — 1, Jamie Guider-Newberg

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