Poppa wins Wild West at Speedway

WHITE CITY — Brian Poppa took the lead on the 20th lap and was able to hold off Jeremy Richey and Tom Berry for the triumph in the first race of the Wild West Modified Speedweek at the Southern Oregon Speedway on Saturday.

Poppa earned $1,000 with the win in the inaugural event where drivers from the West Coast and Canada battle for for six nights of racing in eight days.

Tyler Lockwood earned his first victory and swept through the mini stocks events. Lockwood took the A Main event and picked up wins in the trophy dash and opening heat.

In street stocks, Duane Orsburn won in both the A Main and trophy dash races.

In pro stocks, after Brian Johnsen had manuevered his way from last place to first, a blown tire with seven laps to go paved the way for Rusty Azavedo to capture the checkered flag in the main event.


A MAIN — 1, Tyler Lockwood.

TROPHY DASH — 1, Tyler Lockwood.

HEAT 1 — 1, Tyler Lockwood.

HEAT 2 — 1, John Derby.


A MAIN — 1, Duane Orsburn.

TROPHY DASH — 1, Duane Orsburn.

HEAT 1 — 1, Jordan Braaten.

HEAT 2 — 1, Scott Flowers.


A MAIN — 1, Rusty Azavedo.

TROPHY DASH — 1, Dustin Knight.

HEAT 1 — 1, John David Duffie.

HEAT 2 — 1, Dustin Knight.


A MAIN — 1, Brian Poppa

B MAIN TRANSFERS — 1, Brian Poppa; 2, Matt Duste; 3, Jeff Hudson; 4, Rich McCoy.

HEAT 1A — 1, Jason Beaulieu.

HEAT 2A — 1, Travis Peery.

HEAT 3A — 1, Jeremy Richie.

HEAT 4A — 1, Kyle Casson.

HEAT 1B — 1, Dave Duste Jr.

HEAT 2B — 1, Jesse Bailey.

HEAT 3B — 1, Curtis Towns.

HEAT 4B — 1, Jesse Williamson.

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