Neal Roberts rolled a 299 game at in the GoodSports League at Lava Lanes on April 17.


Brian Sendelbach rolled 11 strikes in a row for a 290 game in the GoodSports league on April 17 at Lava Lanes.


Brian Carr nailed a hole-in-one on the seventh hole at Bear Creek Golf Course on April 25.

The Shot was witnessed by Frank Gatzman.


Kevin Williams aced the fourth hole at Centennial Golf Club with a 5-iron on April 21.

The hole-in-one was witnessed by Gary Warner, Jim Zentgraf and Carl Tinsley.


Ted Bibler used a 9-iron to ace the 17th hole at Centennial Golf Club on April 21.

The feat was witnessed by Jae Johnson, Jerry Lambo and Jim Clark.


Jordan Wyatt of North Medford High School made a hole-in one on April 16 at the Rogue Valley Country Club.

The ace came on the fourth hole with a 6-iron from 150 yards out. It was witnessed by Cody Stover, Hunter Dixon and Trevor Driskill.


Arlan Foote knocked in a hole-in-one on the ninth hole at the Rogue Valley Country Club on April 22.

He used a 3-hybrid to sink the shot from 181 yards. The ace was witnessed by Tom Michaels, Jim Anderson and Don Rhodes.

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