Akins takes A-Main event with late push

Pat Akins led for only three laps in the 25-lap Modified 4-cylinder A-Main event, but they were the laps that mattered as he crossed the finish line in first place.

Tyler Jensen, who took the initial lead in the race, finished second, while Eric Aos, who led for four laps, finished third. No driver had the lead more than one lap during the race.

Akins took the lead on the 23rd lap from Krista Hadley, who spun out around a turn. Hadley finished in fifth place.

Brian Johnsen took the lead on the 10th lap and led for nine laps, longer than any other driver. Johnsen was unable to finish though as mechanical difficulties forced him to the pits.

Belinda Duste finished in fourth place despite never leading during the race.


1, Pat Akins; 2, Tyler Jensen; 3, Eric Aos; 4, Belinda Duste; 5, Terry Hadley; 6, Preston Jones; 7, Steve Thompson; 8, Keith Jensen; 9, Clint Anderson; 10, Toby Judd

Trophy Dash

1, Belinda Duste; 2, Preston Jones; 3, Terry Hadley; 4, Tyler Jensen; 5, Krista Hadley; 6, Brian Johnsen


Trophy Dash

1, Anthony Restad; 2, Jeremy Richey; 3, Cody Sells; 4, Mark Carol; 5, Ryan Greg; 6, Rob Mayea


1, Trent Elliot; 2, John David Duffie; 3, Lisa Stroup; 4, Steven Sturdevant; 5, Mark Thompson; 6, Joe Stone; 7, Brad Landers; 8, Todd Rogers; 9, Rick Wyatt; 10, Mike DeSilva


1, Andy Freeman; 2, Andy Obertello; 3, Bruce Hipple; 4, John Campos; 5, Darren Coffell; 6, Casey Vitale; 7, Jerry Schram; 8, Trent Elliot; 9, Chance Hayman; 10, Dan Kingsberry


1, Paul Guglielmoni; 2, Mike Miller; 3, Rob Campos; 4, Brent McCutcheon; 5, Russ Sell; 6, Andy Obertello; 7, Andy Freeman; 8, Brian Noerton; 9, Darren Coffell; 10, Billy Workman


1, Jeremy Shank; 2, Rob Mayea; 3, Mike Carol; 4, Justin Dittman; 5, Russ Sell; 6, Skip Klimcheck; 7, Randy Neal; 8, Jason Cadwell; 9, Ryan Gerig; 10, Greg Walters

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