E.J. has designs on his own trick-shot video

Who better than a brother to think, anything you can do, I can do better?

E.J. Singler, the Oregon sophomore forward, said he will produce his own trick-shot basketball video in the near future and put it online.

It would be in response to the one his brother, Duke senior Kyle, did that went viral (it got really big really fast) after it was released less than two weeks ago.

"He doesn't know it yet," E.J. said recently, "but I'm gonna make one and try to beat his trick shots. I'll do it with my kind of twist. We have some pretty good spots in Mac Court to make some crazy shots."

It would take some doing to beat the video made by Kyle, who worked with Dave Bradley, the Blue Devils' recruiting director. They videoed the All-American sinking baskets seemingly from every nook and cranny at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Called "Kyle Gets Buckets" — you can see it on our Singler web page at www.mailtribune.com/singler — the video took about two hours to shoot and the baskets averaged 20 to 30 attempts.

Kyle makes them while pedaling a stationary bike, from coach Mike Krzyzewski's seat on the bench, from halfcourt and from the broadcasting booth in the rafters, where he bounced it on the floor, off the backboard and into the net. That one he called "The Dickie V," for TV announcer Dick Vitale.

It's a playful look at Kyle and his talents, although he admitted in a story in the Duke student paper, The Chronicle, that there was no shortage of luck.

"You just kind of have to place the ball in the right places," he said. "But I mean, pretty much, they're all lucky shots. There's a little skill involved, but it's pretty much all luck."

The video was released a week ago Friday, was on the Yahoo.com home page by Monday and was all over ESPN a day later. It was considered "viral" when it reached 400,000 hits in five days on YouTube.

By the time you read this, it should be over 650,000.

"To be honest," Kyle said in a recent conference call, "I didn't think it would be as big as it's gotten. It was fun to do, and I think we might do something else."

But will E.J. beat him to it? Who knows.

"I thought it was really cool," said E.J. "It was a good idea, and he did a good job with the video. I like how he did the Coach K shot and the Dickie V shot. He made it all come together with his voice. I probably won't have those words. I won't have that spin on it."

He'll leave the spin for the ball.

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