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PODCAST: Harnessing your past to create your future

"We recognize we want to live better, healthier lives -- but we have to get really uncomfortable for a minute to get to the other side."

Jeanette Schneider is the author of "Lore: Harnessing Your Past to Create Your Future."

The book came out just days ago and is meant to empower women based on what she's learned in her own life and her Love Letters project.

Schneider was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce in Nevada, and was selected as a Vegas, Inc. “Woman to Watch” in 2016.

She's given powerful lectures and workshops to many groups, including The Women's Leadership Conference at the MGM and The Influencer Academy.

Today we talk about:

- Writing a love letter to your younger self and how this helps with self-compassion, understanding and moving forward

- Forgiving others and yourself

- Seeking approval from exterior sources

- Manifesting the future you want

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