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Happiness in Progress

PODCAST: Happiness in Progress with Danielle Craig

We need our kids to actually solve those problems of life and to deal with the things that need to happen as opposed to always turning to us and expecting us to reward them.

-- Katherine Reynolds Lewis

Today you'll hear from Katherine Reynolds Lewis, the author of a new book, "The Good News About Bad Behavior: Why Kids are Less Disciplined than Ever - and What To Do About It.”

She's appeared on several publications including CNN, NPR and The New York Times and The Washington Post Magazine.

In this episode we explore:

-- Skyrocketing number of mental health issues and suicides in our children -- and the impact parenting can have on these numbers

-- Teaching your child to be capable and to contribute

-- Communicating privileges and consequences (tips that are getting my toddler to bed in 30 minutes instead of 4 hours!)

-- Positive reinforcement in the classroom

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