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Podcast: One tool to conquer stress, triggers, goals

“I ask people - when do you make your best choices? When do you have your biggest inspiration? When are you creative? They’ll say things like ‘in the shower’ or ‘taking a bath’ or 'going for a walk in nature.' They bring up places in their lives when they aren’t stressed. That’s when the inspiration comes.” - Nick Ortner

Nick Ortner is the CEO of The Tapping Solution. He is the New York Times best selling author of "The Tapping Solution."

Nick's goal is to empower people to live stress free lives with EFT. He’s worked to bring it to the mainstream. In fact, you may have seen him on national programs like Dr. Oz and the Today Show talking about it.

If you are new to tapping - and maybe it seems a little weird to you - give it a chance.

In this episode you will hear how it works to help you deal with stress, triggers, even PTSD.

Specifically in this episode we talk about how it can help you conquer your goals by changing your belief systems.

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