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Happiness in progress

PODCAST: Creating a less chaotic, more intentional holiday

"If we’re not intentional about the way we’re going to choose to show up in the world and the things we’re going to give our attention to, then we’re just operating out of default and it’s just constant reaction, reaction, reaction. That’s where we end up looking back on the days and years with regret."

Nicola Ries Taggart is the creator of the new Calm the Chaos journal. The journal is available on Amazon and in the store Anthropologie. She is a life, leadership and love success strategist, coach and speaker. For the last 15 years she’s been helping business owners and executives with focused development on important parts of life, including emotional intelligence, leadership mindset, communication, relationships and more.

We talk about how taking time to yourself can help calm the chaos, how to get on the right foot for the holidays, what question to ask yourself as the holidays get underway and how to juggle inner and external expectations.

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