Viewing Outlook

JACKSON/JOSEPHINE - Ospreys and great blue herons are actively fishing along the upper Rogue River corridor and around most local reservoirs.

Shed-antler hunting remains fair and soon will be difficult now that the spring greenup is in full gear. Now is a good time to search the woods for shed antlers, both black-tailed deer and Roosevelt elk. Look for public winter-range access at places off Obenchain Road and Salt Creek.

Turkey vultures are becoming very common now that more birds have reached the area after spending the winter in warmer environs. Large groups of vultures can be seen riding air currents during windy days.

COOS - The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife received a report last week of American white pelicans in Coos Bay. While not uncommon in places like Klamath Lake, they are uncommon visitors to the coast. They are larger than the brown pelicans most common on the coast. Other interesting species to watch for along the coast now are godwits and curlews, large shore birds that visit mud flats and beaches.

DOUGLAS - Bullock's orioles have now arrived and are commonly seen and heard around the Umpqua Valley. Look for their colorful orange and black bodies that are about 8 inches long. The Bullock's oriole, the only oriole in Western Oregon, can be found nesting in woodlands, orchards, riparian areas and farmland in tall shade trees such as cottonwoods.

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