Viewing Outlook: Jan. 21, 2010

JACKSON - Ten Tundra swans were spotted this week in irrigation ponds in the Sams Valley area. The Denman Wildlife Area remains a good place to see a variety of bird species. The area's ponds have filled.

The so-called "Holy Water" impoundment between Cole Rivers Fish Hatchery and Lost Creek dam is home to hundreds of ducks of several species. They are easily viewed from River's Edge Park along the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers corridor downstream of the dam.

DOUGLAS - Peregrine falcons are now commonly seen on the Umpqua Valley floor, especially near Melrose, Lookinglass, Umpqua and other open areas close to the Umpqua River.

KLAMATH - Bald eagles have been observed daily roosting in a large snag located along Lake Ewauna by Veteran's Park. Viewing opportunities have picked up for other raptors, including rough-legged hawks, northern harriers and red-tailed hawks around the basin.

The Link River offers great viewing for common merganser, bufflehead, common goldeneye and lesser scaup.

Frozen ponds make for poor waterfowl viewing now at the Klamath Wildlife Area. Most migrating birds have left the area for warmer climates in the south.

COOS/CURRY - Common sea ducks like surf scoters, black-winged scoters and harlequin ducks are starting to make a strong appearance along south coast estuaries and beaches, including open shore lines. Some are quite colorful. Loons and other birds that winter in or around the coastal bays are beginning to move into the area.

SUMMER LAKE - Nearly all of the wildlife area's wetlands are flooded but frozen, with nearly all of the wetlands areas iced over this past week. Waterfowl have largely migrated to southerly wintering areas, and low wintering populations remain.

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