Surf's up at Port Orford

You won't hear a lot of Beach Boys tunes or gnarly talk on the Oregon Coast, but you will find some of the best surfing in the country.

True, it's wetsuit time and often a bit windy, but if you could just turn up the water heater a little bit, the coast might rival Southern California for variety of beaches and challenging waves.

In Southern Oregon, two spots near Port Orford offer surfers unique riding opportunities.

A mile south of town, along Highway 101, the Hubbard Creek area is generally a gentle and user-friendly beach of rolling sand dunes, but with no facilities on site.

With some pretty good left and right breaks over sandbars, you'll usually find heavy crowds in the summer, so, if you don't like a lot of boards in the water, Hubbard may not be for you.

Just north of Hubbard is Battle Rock Beach and City Park. While Hubbard is OK for the beginner, Battle Rock is best ridden by intermediate to advanced surfers. There are big rocks on the beach and shifting winds are likely to cause erratic wind-blown waves.

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