Summer project will fix bike path sections

Three sections of the Bear Creek Greenway totaling nearly seven miles will be reconstructed this summer.

The work includes more than four miles of full-depth reclamation, which involves grinding the existing pavement and mixing it with powdered cement, then compacting it and using it as base material for the new asphalt.

The sections to be repaired are the two oldest sections and a section with severe cracking.

  • Approximately 3.5 miles of trail from Barnett Road to the Biddle Road access ramps behind Crater Lake Ford.
  • Approximately 3.25 miles of trail from South Valley View Road to Suncrest Road
  • A quarter-mile of pavement near mile marker 9.25, about one mile north of the Ashland Dog Park

Funds for the $1.7 million project were secured with four separate ODOT grants. The Bear Creek Greenway Joint Powers Committee, a consortium of the jurisdictions that manage the trail, provided the required local match of $167,000.

"The individual communities would not likely be able to complete a project like this, but with the collaborative effort of the jurisdictions to setting aside funds we were able to pull it off," said Jerry MacLeod, chairman of the committee. "We really worked hard to leverage our limited funds. We saved major maintenance money for three years to make this happen."

Work will require closing sections of the trail, and people heading out to use the trail are encouraged to check its status.

Several resources have been set up, including a website,, a Facebook page, "Bear Creek Greenway-Jackson County," and a message line, 541-770-7799.

The website includes a link to a map showing the location of the construction projects.

"We know that closing the trail is disruptive, and we ask that people are patient and respect the trail closures so we can get the work done as quickly as possible and reopen the trail," says Jenna Stanke, bicycle/pedestrian program manager for Jackson County.

"It's going to be a painful summer for Greenway users, but when the work is complete, it will be a tremendous improvement to the trail."

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